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Natural Pest Control

You might be thinking “I want to get rid of all these pesky pests in my garden…. but how do I do it without chemicals?” Territorial Seeds has just the answer you’re looking for. I got my catalog in the mail today (I have a feeling I’m about to be flooded with mailers from them because I ordered ONCE. Waste of paper….) and at the back I found a whole section of accessories you can get including:

1. A Bat House. “A single bat can consume up to 1,000 mosquitoes per hour! Invite these benevolent creatures to your yard with this handcrafted house that will accommodate up to 100 bats.” Note: this thing doesn’t come with bats and there’s no guarantee that 100 little fellows are just going to move right in once you set it up. At least I’ll have a ten pound, hand crafted wood box hanging around the yard. $60.95

2. Predatory Nematodes. “Predatory nematodes attack soft-bodied, slow-moving insect pests. They do not affect earthworms or plants. They are the only biological control that works below the soil surface.” $26.95

3. Canned Bees.Perfect for the beginning orchardist! This charming starter kit contains 20 bees in a 2 x 7 inch mini canister. Each mini canister is a complete and compact bee home that holds 19 nesting tubes.” While this isn’t really a pest control device, it is funny.

4. VermiPods. “Each VermiPodâ„¢ contains at least 1 earthworm egg coated with a layer of protective clay. Simply plant the VermiPodsâ„¢ as you would any seed, and let nature take over. The worms begin hatching in a few weeks and over time will reproduce and improve the soil.” SWEET. Worm eggs I can plant myself… and then accidentally crush them with my shovel when I spade up the ground. I can see it now, a little worm just hatched squirming around and then, out of nowhere, WHACK! Down comes my shovel and there’s much sadness all around. No thanks Territorial, I’ll stick with accidentally killing a couple hundred of my very own wild worms. I don’t need any more emotional attachments to  death-prone things than I already do.

Oh PETA…. You’re so Cute

Well, PETA’s done it again. They’ve managed to make me feel uncomfortable for NOT eating meat. They’ve done this bizarre game to…. I guess… try to convince you to not eat meat. They’re thinking that if they have you pull feathers off a dead turkey, crack bloody eggs and cram stuffing into the derriere of a dead turkey while this little cartoon person screams “TOO NICE!” at you, it’ll somehow convince you that Thanksgiving is disgusting holiday. By the time you get to the part where they want you to saw the turkey’s head off, you’re pretty much done. Not with meat, but with PETA’s stupid game. Sigh… PETA, you make me sad and I don’t even eat meat.

Crystal Expectations

p1020636Star and Ben gave me a Crystal Rock Garden for my birthday. Essentially it’s a bit of limestone that you pour vinegar over and then wait a few weeks for cool crystals to form. AND if you toss some food dye into the mix you get pretty colored crystals. So I enthusiastically ripped open the package, found the vinegar and blue food coloring and started my garden. Now, about a week later this is what I’ve got growing on my bathroom counter. It really looks like I spilled some funky toothpaste on a rock and then sprinkled bits of blue salt all over my counter (I guess the vinegar has some sort of reactivity with the limestone which means the liquid is spritzing onto the counter in a nice two inch ring… at least it’s blue! And at least I’m doing this on the bathroom counter). The crystals are growing pretty fast, I mean… I can see a difference between when I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. I’m already envisioning waking up one morning not in my bed, but perched on a giant crystal shard because it has suddenly accelerated it’s growing process and has, in fact, torn the house apart in the night because it’s so huge. Somewhere along this lines of Jack and the Beanstalk (the Mickey Mouse version, of course) and Alice in Wonderland. It’s going to be pretty sweet when my house turns into a giant crystal. Way better than your house.


dscn0286I made this little guy at mom’s request. One of her old students is having a boy baby and she wanted to give them something. Thus, Colin was born. Here’s the story that goes with him:

“Colin loves to make pudding. Chocolate, pistachio, lavender… he loves to experiment with all of those flavors. Sometimes they’re good, most times they’re better left as experiments. More often than naught you can find Colin cradling his big mixing bowl, licking off the last bits of pudding from his wooden spoon as he dreams of the next batch of utterly, fantastic and amazing pudding.”

oh WOW!

Surprise packages are always wonderful. I came back from the store with Dad to find a package sitting on our doorstep. Now, this wasn’t just a plain old brown cardboard box…. no, this one had ladies on it. I can’t describe how perfectly Star/Hannah this is. I know, it’s a little odd, but really, I can’t illuminate it for you. Sorry. This is just perfect. So I jerked a pair of scissors from the mug on the counter and sliced right on through all that pesky packing tape. Inside I found handfuls of peanut butter cups, a package of peanut butter cups, some chocolate covered peanut cookies (I love the sentiment guys, but I think you might be trying to kill me. Dad’s been poison testing for me, just in case.), some homemade sugar cookies, a slinky, some bath oil, a crystal rock garden kit and three AWESOME birthday cards!


The package!card_63

The card from Star…


has a lady inside! And yes, we DO need to bake!


Ben’s card, detailing how to fend off a mad bull. The cut-out around the drawing is great.card_55

And this card is from Peter and Katherine…card_57

complete with some wicked commentary on the pictures.


All of the cards have found a home on my bulletin board, next to the other “how to remove leeches” card from Star awhile ago. Thank you guys so much, I have a huge smile plastered on my face…. sigh… it was a good day today.

More Booty

Mom, Dad and I wound up on Alberta street in Portland this morning where we did a little browsing. In a little flower shop we found an air plant. I’d seen one on a blog a while ago and was curious. They don’t need to be potted, instead they get all their nutrients from the sun… all they need is a little bath every once in a while. What’s double neato is that they have little baby plants once in a while called pups and they can have several “litters” in their lifetimes. How cute is that? Mine came with a little wire so I can hang it in my basement. Right now it’s about the size of a small grapefruit and it’ll keep growing into a sphere shape, blooming these pretty purple flowers for a few more years hopefully!

p1020545p1020549Star, if it ever has a pup, you’ll get one!


I’ve made myself some sockies from a book I got over Christmas from a wool/silk blend  yarn I got over the break too. They turned out so warm and cushy that I think I’ll order a box full of yarn and try it again!


With a name like “Cosmos” how can a yarn NOT be as awesome!? I’m glad I got some… plus I managed to knit these for about $4 in materials (labor sooo doesn’t count, kay?).