oh WOW!

Surprise packages are always wonderful. I came back from the store with Dad to find a package sitting on our doorstep. Now, this wasn’t just a plain old brown cardboard box…. no, this one had ladies on it. I can’t describe how perfectly Star/Hannah this is. I know, it’s a little odd, but really, I can’t illuminate it for you. Sorry. This is just perfect. So I jerked a pair of scissors from the mug on the counter and sliced right on through all that pesky packing tape. Inside I found handfuls of peanut butter cups, a package of peanut butter cups, some chocolate covered peanut cookies (I love the sentiment guys, but I think you might be trying to kill me. Dad’s been poison testing for me, just in case.), some homemade sugar cookies, a slinky, some bath oil, a crystal rock garden kit and three AWESOME birthday cards!


The package!card_63

The card from Star…


has a lady inside! And yes, we DO need to bake!


Ben’s card, detailing how to fend off a mad bull. The cut-out around the drawing is great.card_55

And this card is from Peter and Katherine…card_57

complete with some wicked commentary on the pictures.


All of the cards have found a home on my bulletin board, next to the other “how to remove leeches” card from Star awhile ago. Thank you guys so much, I have a huge smile plastered on my face…. sigh… it was a good day today.

1 thought on “oh WOW!

  1. Starzipan

    the peanut butter was an accident. i just happened to have bought half-off candy at safeway and i like reese’s. and ben had the little pretty wrapped candy.
    also, the body dew is not just a bath oil, i really recommend putting a few drops on your skin and rubbing it in like lotion right after showering. it makes you feel sooooo soft and the scent lingers on your skin all day in a really pleasant way. i love that stuff.
    and of course, i’m glad you like the underwear ladies 🙂 the post office guy didn’t even blink, hehe. makes you wonder what all he sees in the course of a day.

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