Monthly Archives: February 2009

Birthday Loot!

Dad and I went bike shopping yesterday and I am now a proud owner of a Trek Allant! Soo pretty and so nice!

allantIt should be ready for pick up in a handful of days! I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be tooling around all over Sandy from now on (weather permitting… I’m not insane enough to ride out in the rain if I can avoid it). Oh I’m so excited! Now I can make myself some panniers to go with it.

Aussie Fire

If I didn’t read the blogs I do I would never have known that Australia has been raveged by a massive fire this past week. Hundreds of people of have died and now that it’s mostly over, wildlife and domesticated animals are facing starvation and dehydration. Farm supplies haven’t been able to get through to the effected areas. At least the local farmers and veterinary schools are offering support for the people, pets and wildlife out there.A thirsty koala. Poor, adorable, thirsty koala.

Egg People

We had all of the neighbors over for an open house today! I spent all morning baking (and baking and baking some more). One of the things I made were some sparkled ginger cookies. I love making them (unfortunately this batch didn’t turn out quite right…. something got lost when I doubled it, ah well) and there’s a moment when you combine the oil, soy milk and molasses that everything turns into this wonderful science experiment. All three of those ingredients separate into these beautiful bubbles, reluctant to get together and have a party.


p1020483I love this one because it looks like some of these bubbles have little brown eyeballs. I feel a bit like God, messing with my little creations… poking them with spatulas and then stirring it all up into a tasty cookie. Tasty people cookies… heehee! Oh dear.

Ancient History

Alright, so we’ve moved… whazza big deal? If you’re new (and I love you all the more for your newness) there used to be another one of these at blogger. But now we’re here. However, since we get to learn all sorts of dandy things from the past, I’m going to make sure you can link back and view all of that ancient history hanging about back at blogger. Alright? Good.

Greenerliving will still be there (I’m more sentimental than I’ll let on at the moment) and by clicking on “Greenerliving” you can travel back to it… like magic!photo2