Mo Mittens

I can’t believe I sold that last pair of mittens within 24 hours of posting them (Thank you!). These were the mittens I was talking about when I posted the last pair…


They’re knit from the same yarn, just a different set of colors and I made up a different pattern. Unfortunately this kind of pattern is much more time consuming than the last pair so they won’t be going up on etsy (I didn’t keep track of how long it took me to knit the last pair, but these took me about ten hours to wip up… that’s like the entire Lord of the Rings box set… with commentary). These are for Hannah hands and OH how I love them! I’m starting another pair with the same yarn from the other pair but a different pattern. Those WILL go up on etsy when I’m through. Keep your eyes peeled for a few more pairs in THIS yarn later…. hopefully with a more economically feasible pattern.mitten_1

4 thoughts on “Mo Mittens

  1. Starzipan

    those are freaking gorgeous! how much for a friend discount? (for a future pair, since i still can’t figure out how to knit in the round)

  2. hammy Post author

    Hmmm… it all depends. James bought the yarn and (in THEORY… sigh…) is drawing me a bunny picture in exchange for his glovsies. We could work out some exchange. You gotta come up with some marketable skills m’dear.

  3. Starzipan

    oh dearie me! i keep telling him to draw you a bunny. he always has an excuse about homework but then the homework is done and he spends as far as i can tell, about 12 hours at a time watching tv shows on his computer. i tried to get him to draw the bunny to send in your birthday box :-(. no dice!

  4. hammy Post author

    Oh, there WILL be dice. I’m going to try to sally up there in the nearish (that’s VERY relative… just sayin’ right now.) future and then I can use the hammer of Thor to pry it out of him. Or cupcakes. Hammer of Thor < cupcakes… hopefully.

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