Monthly Archives: March 2009

Wet Bunny Contest

I bought Monty some anti-dandruff bunny shampoo at Burn’s Feedstore today and decided that he needed to have a bath. I’ve never given him one and since he got all of his new coat in he could use one to help out his skin. I plunked him in the bathtub and lathered him up only to discover that he is sooooo tiny! He’s all head and ears.

p1020816p1020818Poor ADORABLE Monty.


The first project we did in mummy’s class this quarter was to design a book and then eventually order it so we could have a real-life copy. Mine came in the mail today! It’s a collection of photos and stories from all of my favorite craft projects over the last couple of years. Woohoo! It’s so pretty. There are a couple things I would change before I order more, but for my first design project I’m pretty pleased with it!

craftablesThe back and front covers…

Fabric Depot

I went to the magical land of Fabric Depot today picked over the aisles for good bits of fabric. I finally came away with four colors of felt and six 1/4 yards of cotton fabric. I love the Amy Butler collection but all the good patterns were in home decorating fabric which is too heavy and rough for the little toys I make. I’m going to make another Colin the lion… probably. Maybe something else instead, it depends on how I feel about it when I start.



I found a company that sells paper things ranging from wallpaper to cards in a green, eco-friendly fashion. Of course, they’re based in Europe, but their products are so pretty and interesting that I had to post about them.

“This year we’ve gone green All our cards and envelopes are environmentally friendly, whether they are boards made from 100% post consumer waste or from mixed sources of recycled material and pulp from certified well managed forests with sound replanting programmes. All the inks used in the printing of our products are vegetable based and all our cellophane bags are compostable and biodegradable.”

Here are some examples of their wrapping paper from three different artists. At two euro, I’d buy that!