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Here Piggy Piggy

So Western Oregon University has been closed down because of the whole swine flu-ness and all hell is breaking loose. Apparently there is a highly likely case of the nasties there and they may or may not be quarantined, but classes are definitely canceled. There was much chaos and kerfuffle when Mom thought they were quarantined with police cars on the highway, blocking off Jessie’s escape. It involved calling KATU and arguing with the lady who answered, and then checking the school’s website repeatedly and taking screen shots as record of what changes happened on the site over time because the school has been super shady about the whole ordeal, saying that it will be closed due to “inclement weather” aka: swine flue. Turns out that there is a possible outbreak, but the police were on the highway because there was just a big car accident and it was only “recommended” that students remain on campus. After all of the excitement, Jessie decided to stay there after all… maybe escaping when you’re allowed to isn’t as exciting as staying and possibly contracting piggie sickness. I think it’s zombies. Head for the malls before it’s too late! Or Great Wolf Lodge.

GigPoster – Gigo Elmoselhi –

I was collecting bits of awesome from gigposter in prep for this weekend’s “E” episode when I found Gigo. It looks like he’s just starting (he only has eight posters) but the fact that each and every one of them is great was such a surprise and so rare, I decided to do a little mini feature on him before this weekend. Who wants to wait when I could just do it now!? Not me.




This is one of the only times I have ever liked seeing photos of people on a poster. I know I griped about it last time, but this actually works. I can’t tell you why, and I think it’s something I’ll have to study and think about. Why is he able to make it work when so many others just fail miserably? I dunno. Maybe you know? Maybe you want to tell me?

Now, I’m not saying that I’m in love with all of these. What I am saying is that he has a surprisingly developed sense of posterness that he deserves to get a little golf-clap sort of kudos from Hi There Hammy. Kudos Gigo… keep rocking that style and that name.

Not Enough Monty

There definitely haven’t been enough posts about himself lately. We moved his pen to somewhere under the deck, outside of my room and he’s been a tunneling fool lately. I’ve had to fill in his burrow three times now, just to slow him down. I don’t want to fill it with rocks because digging is definitely keeping him out of some great mischief.


He’s started a collection of dirt-dingles under his chin from where he keeps rubbing his face on his tunnel.


His hole is officially 36 inches (3 FEET!) deep and it’s starting to angle off towards this wall of concrete. Good luck there, buddy. I have a huge pile of rocks on top to keep him from digging up and out… but now I’m worried about cave-ins and loosing him in this enormous tunnel city he’s obviously planning on excavating.


I watched Blindsight last night, a documentary about six blind Tibetan teenagers who climb 23,000-foot Lhakpa Ri on the North side of Mt. Everest. It’s in the Netflix “Watch Instantly” section so if you have Nety-flixie you’ve got no excuse not to see it. I think you see where I’m going with this.

It was interesting to see the dynamic change between the adults as the film progressed and you never once see the children complain. Their individual stories are amazing (before and after the film) and I think this is another example of changing attitudes towards the differently abled. The children are so sweet and determined that it made me a little teary… not because it is heartwarming, but because they have the kind of energy and personalities you don’t see very often and they are actively doing something with their lives.

Ghosts in the Ocean

Vice magazine had a story about Battleship Island/Hashima Island off of Japan. It’s an old coal mining town and had the highest population density worldwide… EVER… with 139,100 people per square kilometer. It’s not clear where the mine was… it’s such a tiny island (less than a square mile). Judging from the pictures in Vice’s little story it looks like something straight out of 1984 (and that brings it’s own set of connotations and images… shudder.). Anyway, Vice has always done great indie articles about wacky things like Battleship Island, this one is no exception, and you should probably peruse their site if you want to call yourself “hip”.

Pictures via: Vice Magazine.

May 10th Preview!

As ya’ll know I’m going to be a vendor at Crafty Wonderland on May 10th (Mother’s day for you guys… don’t forget!). I’ve been sewing things and knitting other things and dreaming up still more things to haul out there with me. Here are some of the things I’m sure you’ll see if you go!


The lions.


The weird squiddies and aliens.p1030337


Oh, there’ll be some bunnies, leeches, finger puppets and more things there too. Just wait and see!