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I’m totally happy to spread this idea around. The 3/50 Project focuses on local retail buying. By thinking about the three stores you love most and mentally agreeing to spend $50 a month there you can help support those businesses and help the economy a smidge. I balked at the $50 bit, but then I started to think about how much money I actually spend a month and how much of that goes to the big chain grocery stores and gas stations… $50 doesn’t seem like it’s so big anymore. I think at least making a concerted effort to shop in the smaller stores will always make a difference for you and for the shop owner.

Plus, this is a really beautiful little site and a simple concept. Why can’t everything be this pretty?

Via: Housemartin.

2 thoughts on “3/50 Project

  1. Cinda Baxter, The 3/50 Project

    Hammy, you’re a rock star in my world. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about The 3/50 Project, and for pointing out how easy it is to find $50 already in the monthly budget that can easily be re-appropriated to locally owned businesses. Truth be told, it goes pretty quickly.

    It’s because of kind souls like you that The 3/50 Project continues to thrive. Thanks for breathing life into the cause, and for sharing the news with your readers and friends.

    All the best,

    Cinda Baxter
    The 3/50 Project

    P.S. My right brain creative side thanks you very very very very very much for the kudos on the site design…another one of my “babies!”

  2. hammy Post author

    You’re very welcome! It’s not hard to promote such a simple and beautifully done concept. However, I’ve been getting comments that it is unclear how much money you’re asking people to spend… people seem to think that they need to spend $150 instead of a (much) smaller amount. I didn’t see it that way at first, but now I could see where there could be some confusion. I was trying to be clear that it was just $50… maybe if it had been written something like “That breaks down to only about $17/month for three business” or something where it re-emphasizes the exact amount. But, in the end, I think it’s the concept that matters. SPEND MONEY LOCALLY! It’s very important and, sadly, very rare these days. I’m glad that you’re out there doing good work!

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