GigPoster – C –

Welcome to the third installment of artists! It’s a good week for the letter “C“, so here it is!


Scott Campbell
He’s been a busy dude. This is just a small sampling of the 169 posters on the website. I think his latest work is the best, but it might be worth it to go through his collection starting at the end and working forward just so that you can see his vision develop.


Frida Clements
All four posters are great. I like the Bonnie Prince Billy one because there’s some crazy shape-action going on. I can’t tell whether the shape is a reclining woman or not… I’d like to think it is, maybe. My brain is trying desperately to define that shape… which might be a detractor in the end.



There’s only two posters, but I loved both of them.


Capital A

There are some interesting perspectives going on in these posters, it’s definitely worth checking out how they incorporate type into some of their designs.


Tim Caerbert

I really like these chunky illustrations he’s doing in a few of his posters and the color palette is nice. I’d like to hear this band, wouldn’t you?


Kristin Cheung

I like the color palette she uses, it gives her posters some unity.


Jason Carty

He only has one poster, but it’s a doozy! I love how he’s using line and type. It’s clear and beautiful.


Gwenola Cerrera

With a name like that, how could you NOT make great posters? I picked this one because the band name was clearest however I like all of hers and now I think this one is probably my least favorite of hers…


Diego Cano

I really like how he’s divided this poster into section and tells a little story. Totally unique from anything I’ve seen so far.

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