Handmade Wonderful

The purlbee is featuring one of Mimi Kirchner’s felt doll patterns on their site… for free! I’ve loved her tattoo man-doll forever and now I can make one of her pretty ladies… for free!? Can you tell that I think this is insanely awesome!? You can download the pattern too, plus everything is handsewn so no need for you to have one of them fancy ma-chines to do the sewing for you.

The way she is constructed is lovely and simple… now I just have to get my hands on felt for her.

In other DIY/Handmade news, I found this Altoids tin candle tutorial that I think I might have a go at, over at Design Sponge. I like those tins so much but I’ve only ever been able to brainstorm up a collage to put in one. Candles are much better, I think. Plus this means that they’re portable… portable romance! Or Christmas. But that’s not as interesting.Go over and check out the tutorial. It’s fairly simple and straightforward… I think the most complicated part might be making the fancy paper cover for the tin, but I’ve leave it as it is, skip all the fuss.

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