Here Piggy Piggy

So Western Oregon University has been closed down because of the whole swine flu-ness and all hell is breaking loose. Apparently there is a highly likely case of the nasties there and they may or may not be quarantined, but classes are definitely canceled. There was much chaos and kerfuffle when Mom thought they were quarantined with police cars on the highway, blocking off Jessie’s escape. It involved calling KATU and arguing with the lady who answered, and then checking the school’s website repeatedly and taking screen shots as record of what changes happened on the site over time because the school has been super shady about the whole ordeal, saying that it will be closed due to “inclement weather” aka: swine flue. Turns out that there is a possible outbreak, but the police were on the highway because there was just a big car accident and it was only “recommended” that students remain on campus. After all of the excitement, Jessie decided to stay there after all… maybe escaping when you’re allowed to isn’t as exciting as staying and possibly contracting piggie sickness. I think it’s zombies. Head for the malls before it’s too late! Or Great Wolf Lodge.

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