Love in Motion

There are two movies coming out soon that have caught my eye. No, they’re not the new Star Trek or Moon (those are OBVIOUS ones on my list). No, I’m talking about 500 Days of Summer and Paper Heart. They’re both about love (or lack of belief in love), romantic, sweet, quirky, look funny and have potentially AWESOME soundtracks. It doesn’t hurt that they have all these great people acting in them either. Now, I don’t have someone to go to date movies with I might have to wait until they come out on the old Netflix to see these (and really it’s just because I have a thing about going to movies or restaurants by myself), but don’t think I’m not 100% psyched about them, because I am. They look like they might just make it into my favorites list, whether I see them in theaters or not.

What does it say about things these days (whatever things those may be… I’m not going to try to quantify “things” today) that  two movies are coming out this year where the main character (both women) don’t believe in love? I’m intrigued both by the fact that this is a subject matter and that they’re both women (not that gender has anything to do with it… or does it?). Huh. Oooohh they look so good! I hope they’re good. Especially now that I’ve watched them five times each.

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