Way to be Awesome, Me!

Star sent me a postcard in February:leech_postcardSo I sent her some felt leech finger puppets and then promptly forgot about them. Fast forward three months to my next visit to Olympia. Ben’s doing homework while Star hibernates in the other room… guess what he’s using as a bookmark? Yes, a leech. How great is that? PLUS he comes up with a great idea: make some sort of packaging for the little suckers (heeehee… that was totally on purpose) and sell them. Well, now that I’m going to be at Crafty Wonderland in a few weeks I decided to take that idea super seriously and now (TAH DAH!) I’ve made a little envelope to hold two leeches. I’m going to stick one in the shop to see what happens and I’ve already got about six ready to go with me to the sale.


This is the front, there’s more cool things on the back and flaps, but I’m going to be all secretive and keep that to myself. It’s worth picking one up to find out though! I still have to decide how much monies I want for them…

5 thoughts on “Way to be Awesome, Me!

  1. hammy Post author

    Oh man, you should see the rest of it! I forget how fun it is to work on something not school-related. Thank you for giving me the idea!

  2. hammy Post author

    Yay! It IS Mother’s Day as well (I’m sure your mommy would love to see you and himself!). I’m trying to figure out how to squeeze a table, rack and one chair into a 4×4 space… it’s a challenge. We’ll see how THAT goes.

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