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In Progress


Yes, it’s another embroidery. This time it’s one of my own drawings. I’m going to add some words to the top of this one. I’ve never done words, so that should be interesting (and by interesting I mean interesting by my standards). I love this drawing because on one hand they look so sweet, but there’s something sinister lurking behind those big bunny eyes.


Paydirt Never Smelled So Lovely

I heard tell (via. Little House in the Suburbs) that if I girl were to go into Starbucks and ask them for their used grounds, they’d give them to you…. for FREE! I’d tucked this little tidbit in the back of my brain for later. Well, it turns out that “later” was today! Shawna and I stopped in to a Starbucks to see if we could get some grounds and we walked away with a 5 pound bag of the beautiful stuff. We stopped into one more on the way home and got two MORE 5 pounders.

You might be asking yourself why I would want used coffee grounds. They make wonderful, black compost. You can stick them in a composter and leave them to do their thing or you can toss them right into a garden and let all that good stuff sink in among the roots of your plants. Either way it’s totally free and it smells so good (much better than poop). Starbucks even sticks them in these nice bags and sets them by the doors for you!


The three bags we picked up in about ten minutes of driving (for once I was glad Starbucks is everywhere).


The difference between the three bags of grounds and the clay dirt we had before.


And everything all spread out! That was about 15 pounds of grounds and a 3 x 3 foot box… it looks like one of the stores didn’t bag the grounds right because they came out in a soggy nasty mess. I don’t know why that one was so full of liquid. It’ll dry out and look like the other two bags soon though.

GigPosters – G –

Wow, it’s been a while! Sorry I’ve been a lazy bag of bones when it comes to these gigposters. They’re a bit of a time suck, buy cialis 20mg and now I’ve got a little time to suck, so here’s this week’s installment! Welcome to the letter “G“.


Garage Collective

I really love the off kilter way the type is set on these posters. They’re delightfully grungy…


Gentle Mystery

There is only one poster under Gentle Mystery but it’s a great one. The colors and rough shapes are really beautiful.



Ooooo! The hand drawn lettering makes this poster. Genesse only has a few posters up, and this one was by far my favorite. The way the ascenders follow the lines of the buildings in the background is very sweet.



Rebecca Gimenez

Rebecca only has these three poster up but their clean lines and sweet images caught my eye. I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.


Patrick Giroux

Has a bunch of posters up. He plays with different combinations of type, letters, color and sizes. Everything looks like it’s been letter pressed (whether it was or not is almost moot because the look is so successfully mimicked that it passes as letterpress for me… if it isn’t actually).


Emily Glaubin

All of her posters have the same zany colors and use of type… if you’ve ever listened to the band Animal Collective, this is what their music would look like if it was translated into pictures.


Johann Gomez

I love the hairy texture on the C in this particular poster. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to draw it… so long. Everything about this poster rocks my socks… it’s telling a story and at the same time it’s conveying the information really well.


Eddie Gossage

The beard… ’nuff said. If you know Iron & Wine you know how perfect this poster is for them. It always tickles me when I recognize the band and can see how well or how badly the poster suits the music.


Samantha Grasso

Reasons this makes me happy

1.) This lady can DRAW!

2.) There are three panels with text at the bottom spanning all three (great layout)

3.) Hand lettering always makes me happy.


Alyson Graves

There is an arm, a shadow and text. Simple, and yet the combination of hand lettering traveling up the arm and the type following the outside is a really difficult trick to pull off. Not only is there good hierarchy here but it’s also a beautiful poster that I would totally hang on my wall.


Gary Grimshaw

This is a really beautiful poster. The typography fits those spaces so well… oh I just wish that this was a better picture! It pays to take good pictures of your work, folks.


Julia Green

I have no idea who the Watson Twins are, but these sweet little faces and the proportions of their limbs makes me want to find out.


Eleanor Grosch

It seems like there’s always one artist in each section that I fall deeply and irrivocably in love with and Eleanor is that person for the “G” section. Every single one of her posters is so gorgeous and, even though there are animals in most of them, she manages to make them feel like they totally belong on a gigposter. CHECK OUT THE REST OF HER WORK! Gotta gotta gotta go see it!


Lionel Guzman

Again, I’m such a sucker for hand lettering. The colors work really well here and ever square inch of this poster is makingme want to dance. Can you see the little pipe-smokin’ man in here? Little details like that are sweet surprises…

Etsy of the Week – Every Eskimo –

I absolutely love the Every Eskimo shop. It’s one of my newer discoveries and everything reminds me of something I would do and would love to do! There are short little stories that go with each and there’s a sweet sense of scale in each one. If you visit the shop be sure to check out their animals because they tend to have some really funny quirks (mostly missing body parts). Oh man, I love it! Plus they are all really reasonably priced for how large and sweet they are. Check it out…!


We Had a Fight – Double Foundling
tumorpusTumorpus – a nesting octopus child
foundling_2Foundling 667 – in Footie Pajamas
foundlingFoundling 241- Bubbly Baby Sweetness

Best Of

Cragslist has a “Best Of” section where you can find all sorts of amazing stories and ads (warning, mostly NSFW). For instance:

Date: 2009-04-17, 3:10PM EDT

I have a family of taxidemied hamsters for sale. They are perfect for the kid who wants a hamster but you know damn well won’t take care of them. Just buy a cage, pose them in it and tell the kids to enjoy. If the kids ask why they aren’t moving just explain to them that happy hamsters keep still. These hamsters were originally bought with love and taken care of very well. Then, as is usually the case with my little ba**** kid, he lost interest and kept forgetting to feed them. One by one they dropped off. I couldn’t bear to flush these cute things down the toilet so I bought a taxidermy kit and stuffed them. The best part about these guys is that they won’t soil the cage or cost anything in food! They’ll just give hours of pleasure like live hamsters. Call or e-mail me with an offer so that you can begin your new life as a hamster owner! [number deleted]

Joe “Buzzy”

  • Location: Webster,NY
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1127138244


catman_78This guy is the second in a series taken from a set of drawings my Dad did when I was much smaller than I am now. Don’t worry, when I’m done they’ll all be reunited in a single post. Very glorious, promise. I’m still not happy with the smaller cat he’s holding… we’ll see what happens with that at some point. I really loved that he looked like an evil cat genius in the drawings… and somehow he’s turned into a regular classy catman.

The toes on his shoes are my favorite part. It’s the little things…

Oh Lawdy

There are two stories here. I was listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a few weeks ago (which is, by the way, my all time favorite radio show besides This American Life) and one of the things they talked about was a chicken rescue group who putting little sweaters on the naked, abused chickens at their rescue. Mo Rocca said he didn’t like hand knit sweaters and then he promptly got one from the ladies over at ravelry and then he apologized (and created a wave of discussion through the knitting community).

Anywho, back to what prompted this story. I sold one of my little hens (available in the etsy shop) to a very nice woman in the UK for her grandson, and she sent me the link to the Little Hen Rescue. Oh my goodness, the sweaters, the chickens, the ability to adopt such a chicken! It’s pretty fabulous.

I’ve got to confess, my sister and I were each allowed to pick out a chicken at the feedstore when we were little. We raised them and, after a while, they started to lay eggs and go about their chickeny business. 4273_89696492720_613252720_2235563_5957797_nI can’t remember what attempted to eat Jessie’s chicken (it was either a hawk or the dog…) all that was left was a pile of feathers until, that is, we found it crouched behind some feed bins several days later… totally naked. We took a doll sweater (and to make the visual even better, it was a Charlie Brown sweater) and stuck it on the chicken until it’s feathers grew back. It worked and after a few months all of the feathers were back!

Here’s a video of the sweater knitting action. There’s a pattern for a chicken sweater, if you wanted to knit one yourself.

Doin’ the Right Thing


The gardens at Edgefield.

Get this. Multnomah County owns the 46 acres across from Mcmenamin’s Edgefield in Troutdale. They were planning to sell it for housing development, but then the economy took a dive. This Thursday the Multnomah County Commissioners are voting to make the space an emergency farm to feed poor people. It would be powered by volunteers and (in the beginning) the 2 acre farm could potentially feed 500 people. The irony is that Edgefield used to be a poor farm 100 years ago… and now things might be coming full circle. Nice. Oh I’m so excited! Imagine what they could achieve with all 46 acres…

Garden Update

Well, it’s that time again. Yes, it’s garden time. Ya’ll should be glad that I don’t post about this stuff every day (although I do go out and fawn over it several times a day).


Those ‘taters are looking quite pretty today. They’re getting to be really big and no sign of flowers yet… so I think they’re going to get much bigger.

I think I might stick to doing beans and peas! Sheesh. I need that instant gratification (I can see these guys growing, they move so fast!) and the carrots are definitely not doing it for me.


Mom and I went to Burns feedstore yesterday and got some patty pans (left) and slicing cucumbers (center) and then in the picture below there are some beefsteaks and a roma tomato plant (along back of box) and some chickpeas (yes, those are some red curlers sheltering the chickpeas). I’ve never done chickpeas before, so that should be interesting.
dscn0662dscn0663The thtwabewwies are ripening up… Mom’s been sneaking some of the riper ones. There is nothing better than fresh strawberries still warm from the sun.
dscn0660My carrots! They’re…. doing things. Slowly. Boooorrriinnnggg…. Still no sign of the parsnips either.
dscn0656But their pea neighbors have already made it up to the second string! Woot!
The basil is also doing things…. slowly. I hope they’ll make it. My hopes aren’t high, they seem to be really weak and prone to falling over.
The sage, on the other hand, was off to a slow start but it seems to be making up for lost time. They’re sturdy and I can see some little “real leaves” poking up between those little baby leaves already.

I Am, How You Say… Famous?

The internets has a much better memory than I do. Proof: I just found an article I wrote a year ago for a mailer Evergreen sends out. On a whim I googled my name (and thus far none of the hits have been me, thank goodness) and today I actually recognized one. Phew. That feels weird. Here it is, in all of it’s glory. I don’t think I’ll be writing articles any time soon…

What Brought You to Evergreen?

It had been more than a decade since Michelle Gulden was last in school when she decided to enroll at The Evergreen State College. She had earned her two-year degree at South Puget Sound Community College, after which she decided to “take a short, 11-year break.” Gulden filled those years and more as a single mother and working full time. Then she married, had another child and became a stay-at-home mom. All the while, she wrestled with whether or not to return to school to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“I felt like there was some unfinished business I had with my education before I went back to work. I wanted a bachelor’s degree and I thought, ‘It’s now or never,’” says Gulden, 41, whose career goal is to work in human resources. Gulden read feature articles in Evergreen’s Evening and Weekend Studies Class Listing that were mailed to her house and found that the non-traditional college age students featured in these articles echoed the insecurities that had been keeping her from returning to school while at the same time providing ample assurance.

“Older students said they felt afraid and insecure, but found Evergreen to be a welcoming and supportive environment,” explains Gulden, who continued to contemplate returning to college for three more years. Attending Evergreen’s quarterly Academic Fair helped put her concerns to rest. “It was a treat to meet the faculty before taking their class. They were so helpful in alleviating all my fears. I would definitely recommend going if someone is worried about returning to college.”

Winter 2008 Gulden took the plunge. She chose Evergreen because of the beautiful campus and the affordability, among other reasons. “I chose Evergreen because the schedule of Evening and Weekend Studies met my and my family’s needs. The classes looked very interesting too – not your typical ‘cookie cutter’ college classes,” Gulden notes.

Gulden enrolled in a literature program, a subject she felt comfortable with, to ease into the process of becoming a student again after so long. “I know it sounds cliché, but Evergreen is everything I thought it would be. I love the diversity of the students, the supportive faculty and how laid back everyone is,” she adds.

Hannah graduated from The Evergreen State College this past summer. She hopes to go on to graduate school for a degree in deaf education or library science – or both.

Goodness… I even forgot what I wanted to be doing now. Library science? Hmm….