A Brief Tour

It’s time for a mini update. I was gone for a week and so much happened in the garden that I thought I’d give you a preview before our usual Wednesday debriefing. Enjoy!

WOW. I know. He’s pretty cool. I found him when he hit the sliding door and then took a mini-vacation on the deck. So sparkly.
potatoe53The ‘taters are a-bloomin’! Just the blue ones though. I’m curious to see whether the yukon potato flowers will be purple like these. I noticed that the blue potato’s stalks are a dark purple/brown compared to the yukons, so perhaps the flowers will be a different color as well.

pea49The snap peas have mysteriously appeared. No one saw them yesterday and yet they’re covering the snap pea bushes, peeping from behind leaves with a bit of shyness. Soon the shelling peas will do their thing and we’ll be up to our ears! I can’t wait for the invasion to begin.

Artichoke, youtachoke, what-achoke! The ARTICHOKES ARE HERE! While I was on the road our plants started to have their babies. Right now there’s one three inch Arti on each plant.

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