Oh My, How Nice!

I’ve been putting some of my crafty things in Twelve Mile Market where I work and every once in a while something sells. It’s a nice little surprise, but it’s also (sort of) getting my things out there for people to enjoy. Anywho, I was perusing Twelve Mile’s local harvest page when I noticed a little comment button. “Oh?” I thought, “What’s this?”. Click click, and tadah! There were some glowing reviews and comments and, tucked away in one, a felted hen mention! WOW! That feels so great.henny_98 Here’s the comment, and I’ll bold the special part:

It was such a pleasure to make it over to 12 Mile Market with my family last Saturday. Farmer Dave is such a genuinely nice, engaging human being and proprietor! He told us the story of how he and his family came to operate Bumblebee Farm (and eventually the market) and answered all of our various questions.

He was so great with our 19 month old daughter — from the complimentary banana, to the craft play (a handmade felt hen complete with baby chick and egg), to the pasta demonstration…

We got to chat as we watched him make the fresh lemon and thyme pasta we had for dinner that night! Needless to say, it was quite delicious 🙂 We were sorry we didn’t get some ravioli too 🙁

We also got a dozen farm fresh eggs and a quart of raw wild flower honey (both from other Troutdale farms) that we enjoyed the next morning with some heart-shaped homemade herb biscuits!!! A rare and welcomed treat indeed!

Dave made sure that we knew the market is “for the people, by the people” so to speak and said he encouraged & welcomed any ‘n all suggestions and special requests. Not only that, he offered me some of his very own compost worms for my vermicomposting bin. Now how awesome is that!?!

I believe the market has the potential to be a 5 star co-op grocery store in no time, but that will in large part be up to the People! The more we go the more it will grow, so let’s help this fledgling market along… go support Farmer Dave and tell yer friends and family to visit too! We will definitely be back fro more!!!

Now THAT’S a lovely review! Thank you to everyone who have seen my shop, who have gone to Twelve Mile and who have supported their local crafters. Kudos to you!

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