Sweet Sasha

Say hello to the latest crafty epiphany from yours truly. I have a ton of empty tins from the chai I get at Trader Joe’s making a pyramid in the garage, just begging to be made into something interesting…. so…. Ta DAH! I peel off the wrapper and underneath it is a really great shiny cardboard + metal tin. Then I attach the embroidery to the bottom of the tin in a secure and crafty way (with some padding underneath so it’s soft like a little pillow) and then I wrap the tin in yarn. There’s a metal lip on the under side of the tin which makes it really easy to hang on a wall and the plastic lid still fits on the bottom so you can use it as a container for on a coffee table or something. I love multipurpose & recycled things, don’t you? He’s over in the shop, along with other coolness soon to be joined by additional pieces of awesome.


You can read about Sasha and his lisp in the shop!brian_14

I think he’s one of my favorites…

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