The 61

Brian got me started on The 61, an online music site where you can listen to things for free and even download a good chunk of their music. I haven’t had any trouble find things I like (very very much!) and the site does a really great job of recommending similar songs for me to listen to. You should check it out, let me know if you want to be my friendly friend on there and I can share my moosics with you! Here are some of the songs I’ve been listening to on there…

4 thoughts on “The 61

  1. hammy Post author

    That sounds dangerous. Or like a sweet name in another language, oh man, how would you like to be “Shits Bananas” in Hawaiin or something?

  2. briki

    i did not realize the possible meanings of my statement. I simply meant it as “this shit is bananas.” Shitting bananas would be really uncomfortable. That would also be the saddest nickname I’ve ever heard. As for hawaiian names, I always expect names like ‘Coo-noo’ and ‘Pee-pio-pee.’

  3. hammy Post author

    Totally, but you know, those Hawaiin names mean something… like Shits Bananas. I thought that’s what you meant and I’m glad that IS what you meant… though I like the random jagg I went on.

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