Wheelchair Werewolf

I love this idea so very much! The priest with an eye patch is a nice touch. It goes on a little long, but the ads at the end are definitely worth sticking through this little bit of awesome. Movies like this make youtube one of my favorite inventions. Presenting Joe Avella’s “Wheelchair Werewolf”:

“Almost no one can get away.”

2 thoughts on “Wheelchair Werewolf

  1. Joe Avella

    Glad you liked wheelchair werewolf. I appreciate your post. I’ll get started on Blonde Dracula right away!

    You have some excellent stuffed animals. Your etsy store is neat! Keep up the great work. Nice meeting you.

  2. hammy Post author

    Why thank you! And thank you for making such a great video. I love the three wheeled car ad at the end. Keep up the great work!

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