Oh SNAP! I’ve done it again… Monty has a new soon-to-be best friend, Linus. Yes, I got a new bunny. I got Linus (FOR FREE!) from a lady over in Morrisville who bred her angora rabbit and then got overwhelmed with the amount of work it took to adequately groom six angora rabbits every day. She tried to sell them but no one seemed interested so she decided to just give them away. I got Linus and three other girls at Sterling picked up three of the others. Now there are four angora rabbits hanging out in Merlin… but I think Linus is the sweetest. He’s an albino, 9 month old angora rabbit with a really sweet (but pretty shy) disposition. I think he and Monty will get along famously. I decided to shave his fur off when I got him because he has an old bunny bite on his leg that’s almost healed and I wanted to make sure that was all the troubles he had hiding under the massive amount of fur he had going on. I left his face all fuzz-tastic though. As it grows out I’ll start to groom the loose fur out and spin that as it comes off. Oh I’m so excited! Right now Linus is living in a pretty sweet setup under the kitchen island where the stools used to go in a cage I got from Bonnieview. All I had to do was buy about $7 worth of food and $4 of bedding and he’s all comfy and cozy. Anywho, that’s my big news, when do you want to meet him!?


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