Yes, I Know… it’s Snow

Hey, guess what?! It’s been cold here at night, even in my little yurt with my stove. In fact, on Tuesday morning I woke up to 1/4 inch of snow all over everything. Who ever heard of snow before Halloween? It was so pretty and crisp that it was hard to grumble too much while I hiked down the hill all bundled up and cozy.   DSCN0597DSCN0606

And then I got to wrangle the sheep into the milking parlor and milk them for a couple of hours. That wasn’t any fun in the cold, but over all it wasn’t too bad. It was so pretty watching them move around the hills to the barn that I might have even smiled a little.


Everybody waiting to be milked.


Later that day I went out to feed the lambs in Greensboro. There’s about 120 of them out there and by the time I drove the twenty minutes the snow had melted and it had turned into a really pretty day. Wednesday was the last day that we milk sheep for the season, so no more early morning milkings, wrestling with udders or complications with cleaning solvents. Yes…

1 thought on “Yes, I Know… it’s Snow

  1. jack

    hey … this is what I was talking about. 26 years in Montana and the one thing I learned was there is often snow before halloween … the other bad new is it’s only the beginning. As you noted the contrast of white against nature is beautiful … so it’s hard to not like the stuff, just wait for March when it finally starts to go away. js

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