The Woolie Gang

I’ve brainvented (get it, Brain + Invented… hah…) a new little buddy! They’re called Woolies because they’ve made from wool felt and stuffed with handwashed and carded wool from the farm I’ve been working at. I really love making them because they wind up so soft and firm that it’s hard not to snuggle up in a pile of them. They’re about 7 inches tall and I’m going to make some labels and take them over to the coop in Hardwick to see if they’ll sell them there. If they can’t then I’ll post them on etsy and let ya’ll know asap. Enjoy! Oh, and they don’t have names yet, if you want to take a stab at naming them, just comment on this post (maybe include which color you’re talking about, eh?).

yellow_woolie95 yellow_woolie94 orange_woolie11 orange_woolie08 grey_woolie14grey_woolie18 green_woolie28green_woolie33

This one is my favorite! He’s also the first one I made…  brown_woolie01brown_woolie99 black_woolie86black_woolie88

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