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Ok, since it’s the holidays I decided to ramble through my “Favorite Items” list on etsy. These are all things I love love love and want to hold/fawn over. Don’t you? And since it’s the holidays, I decided to share some of my top favorites with ya’ll. Ready? Here goes!

Batman (embroidered necklace) via: Spinthread

This shop has some amazing embroidered jewelry, I love how they’re using lace to cover up the back side of each piece.

Maiya (archival print) via: Doubleparlor

Doubleparlor has some beautiful and amazing original sculptures for sale along the same lines as the one in this print

Needle Felted Owl via: Chocolate Beans

Chocolate beans has a whole family of wonderfully adorable little birds. You like this one? You’ll definitely like the others…


Brown Leggings with Turquoise Birds via: Malu

These are extra long stencil-printed leggings… I think I’m in love!

Accordion Music via: Roadside

This shop is full of wonderful prints as good or better than this one.

Orwell Clutch: Silver Piggy Purse via: Tsurubride

This shop has some pretty WONDERFUL animal-themed clutches (ranging from elephants to piggies), the series is named after George Orwell and his book “Animal Farm”. Check these guys OUT!

Camp Trailer Birdhouse via:  RALFG08

Knit Lab Rat via: Crafty Hedgehog Lulu Shoulder Bag via: Ericka Bazile

This is a sweet little cotton bag…

Lotus Mary Janes via: Hydra Heart

It’s terribly rare that I can find any vegan shoes. Not only are these vegan but they’re also extremely reasonably priced. The rest of their shoes are equally beautiful.

Silver Baby Elephant Ring via:  Michelle Chang Jewelry

Topography in Aqua via: Crafterall

This shop has some neat, handcut topographical pieces… I love the texture of the paper and the beautiful colors.

Presidential Wrestling Themed Ornaments via: Yee-Haw Industries

These make me giggle every. single. time.

Nudiped via:  KitLane

Baby it’s Cold Outside via:  Seasprayblue

I love the proportions of all of the prints in this shop… including the very idea of Log Lady.

Ceramic Pig Planter via:  Fruit Fly

Primitiv via: Modern Illustrations

Margarita the Plus Bunny via:  Girl Savage

Everything here is ridiculously adorable…

All White Deerman via:

This shop has some pretty amazing sculptures that border upon wonderfully kooky

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