Snow Berries

We have SNOW! I know, I know… there’ll be enough soon, but for right now the inch we do have is pretty exciting. I woke up this morning and decided some hot cocoa and a trip outside with Linus was in order. I don’t think he’s ever seen or been in snow before (he’s not quite a year old yet) so I was curious about what he’d do. DSCN1021

We found this great flat rock with a mini pond in front of it to stick him on.


And, to put it mildly, he wasn’t really sure what to do. His eyes got enormous and he very very cautiously moved his head around and not much else until I bent down and he decided I was going to rescue him from this weird wet stuff.


And he instantly went limp relaxed bunny when I flipped him over. Safe at last…DSCN1045

He’s busy melting the snow berries off of his beard in his litter box. Oh man this is going to be a great winter!

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