Still Busy

I may be home for the holidays but I’m still doing some things. I’ve been churning out some embroidery patterns which has been fun, but also means I spend more time on the computer than usual, trying to retrace all of my scribbly little hand drawn patterns. Having these patterns means I can have things in the shop even when I’m away from homebase, like I am now.

These three guys make up the new Octopiddle embroidery pattern up in the shop only a matter of minutes ago!

And then there’s Bea the Bunny who joined the shop as a pattern yesterday. I really like this one…

And I’ve been making some little pocket bunnies. They’re about three inches tall from their bases to the tops of their round little heads and quite fun to make. They’re stuffed with wool and have some rice in their bases to give them a little bit of heft. I love stuffing the things I make with wool instead of polyfil. The wool compacts nicer and gives everything a more solid, satisfying feel. I’d love to get my hands on some lavender or other herbs to put in the next batch.

5 thoughts on “Still Busy

  1. Star

    my friend essie wants a pocket worry bunny very much and wonders how much they cost. could you put one on etsy or somesuch thing? please to let starzy know. kthxbai.

  2. hammy Post author

    It would cost $7 including shipping and yes, I can put one up (I can put a picture of all of the ones I have right now and she can pick one out of those and tell me in the comments portion). Let me know!

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