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Babar, How I Remember it

We had the books when I was little, but what I remember the most is the live-action french version from the 60’s. Unfortunately, they seem to have vanished with time. I kept thinking about those episodes and I finally struck gold last night when I found two clips, in German (I think?) on youtube. When I heard that theme song I became so giddy and happy, I started to clap my hands on my knees and hum along.

Turns out you can get them on Amazon! All 11 episodes! Thank you internets, for making sure I can get just about anything I want, with a little detective work.

The Sterling Farm

Joe and I walked down to the farm to off-load our compost bin into a large, more impressive compost barn and since it was such a pretty day I decided to take a picture of the animals that are still down there. First up: horses. 

These are the two new Belgian mares: Brandy and Lady (in some order, I can’t remember which is which).

And here are Rex (white) and Lincoln (brown). I caught them this morning on my way to the post office.

And then again later when we went to the farm.Silly faces…

And here is Bronze, one of the oxen brothers. Chrome is chilaxing just out of sight behind Bronze’s rather large rumpus.

The three lady pigs, resting in hay divots. They actually have perfect pig-shaped impressions about 1-2 feet deep in the straw that they’re crammed into. When they got up to snuffle about and see if I had any food, you could see perfect outlines of where their legs and snouts rest a good foot into the straw.

And here’s Peanut, the pregnant milk cow. She was a calf last spring and now she’s ready to start the whole cycle all over again.

And of course, none of my farm visits is complete without a peek into the hen room to see if there are any warm eggs to cup in my hands. Lay hennies lay!

King Possum

Inside Simpson at Sterling here, there is a small cabinet with a variety of taxidermied critters. There’s something about how strangely they’ve been stuffed that has me coming back again and again to peer at them. Ever since I saw Ghost World a while ago, I’ve decided that if I were to happen upon some sort of crazy taxidermy tableau (for example, a mongoose fighting a snake or ninja squirrels) I would seriously consider buying it. Not because I like taxidermy but because that is one of the strangest things I can think of sticking on a mantle or wall.

This rabbit looks more like a stuffed animal rabbit than a “for realsies” bunny.

And zombie squirrel looks like it’s in the middle of a series self-destruct sequence. One are is dangling by some cotton stuffing and his feet are all manky… not to mention his crazy mouth with stitches hanging all over the place.

The king of all taxidermy in Simpson has to be Rabbid Possum. He’s roosting on top of the cabinet where he can leer across the entire class room. Leer away, King Possum, leer away…