Worry Bunnies

So, I’ve finished a great number of little worry bunnies and here they are! I’ve heard from a little Star that someone might be interested in one…

The four along the bottom haven’t been stuffed yet, and the yellow bunny in the second row hasn’t been sewn up yet, but the rest are all done. The ones that aren’t quite finished yet certainly can be in a jiff.

These are the unfinished, but almost finished buns. There’s a wee bit of a discount if you get two o’them.

3 thoughts on “Worry Bunnies

  1. Essie

    Hi! I’m Star’s friend Essie! I would love to purchase a Worry Bunny from you (possibly two!) and I have a question about whether you could possibly do something sort of customized… If not, I’ll buy the regular one.

    Can you make one that is silky soft? Like has bits made of blanket binding? I am the only 22 year old I know that wishes she could bring her blankie to class. A worry bunny might be seen as adorable and quaint. A blankie is just odd. Do you think that is something that would be possible? I think they are adorable already… I just thought I’d ask. Obviously I’d pay extra for the customization!

    Let me know!

  2. hammy Post author

    I have a wee bit of black silk… I can do something like a silky strip around their middle… with less tricky fabric for the very bottom and their heads. I can even put some silk inside their ears. Does that work? I’m getting really excited about this whole idea…

  3. Essie

    That would be perfect and wonderfully sweet!! I would take two of those! 🙂 Also, if you haven’t already picked the other fabricses and need an opinion, I think the red and black plaid and the purple batik are both super cute. But if you have already make a plan then I am sure it is perfect.

    My email is above, I think. Email me when you are ready for stuff like payment info and my address?

    Thanks for being awesome!

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