Monthly Archives: February 2010

Aviator Baby

On April 1st, I’m taking over for a woman in the Admission’s office when she goes on maternity leave and today I went to her baby shower in the library. It was fun, there was cake and someone actually wound up buying her one of my wooliemans that I have in Stardust bookstore down the street! (I’ll give you a hint… it’s the minty green one) It was a treat to see her pull it out of the bag and have that instant of “Wait a minute… that looks familiar… OH!” I whipped up a baby hat one night using the Aviatrix Hat pattern I found over on ravelry. I had a blast knitting it, and for all of you knitters who read this I would definitely recommend it. It’s made using short rows which is essentially how you knit the rounded heel of a sock. Very cool and very fast!

This is the hat I knit using a good portion of my left-over bits of yarn from other projects. I love when I can dip into that stash and get rid of some of those teeny tiny balls. And here are two lovely photos from Rogue Sheep on ravelry/flickr. I wish I had a baby I could plunk the hat on and confirm how cute I think it’ll be, but for now I’ll have to be content with Rogue Sheep’s sweet little pictures of her finished version!

Knitting on Campus

Joe and I are trying to start a knitting/crafting group around these parts and now that Stardust bookstore/cafe is part of the school, it’ll be a mite bit easier to do it in a comfy place now!

Here’s the poster that will (hopefully) stir up some interest. Woot! Let’s knit/crochet/spin/sew/embroider this weekend!