Monthly Archives: February 2010

Piggy Pig-Pig

I’ve often said that I would never, ever, never under any circumstance, own a pig. They scare me with their teeth, omnivorous tendencies and enormous weight. However, to be fair, the only pigs I’ve run into are the massive meat-piggies on farms. They can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and move very quickly when they’re motivated. That being said, I found this video about a pig breed called Kune Kune. They are larger than a pot-belly pig, but still pretty small (about 100 pounds) and they have some pretty endearing fur, coloring and personalities. From what I’ve been reading, these pigs don’t root around for food, instead they graze and will do quite well just out in a pasture. There’s something about the way their bodies are proportioned and their faces are smooshed means I can picture one roaming around in my future backyard amidst the chickens, three sheep, a goat and a llama

The video that started it all, from Zooillogix:

A video of Kune Kune piglets from the New Zealand Kunkune Association

Kunekune Piglets from DVM on Vimeo.

Three Bits

It’s been a little while since I posted anything that I’ve been working on. I’ve been knitting a sweater (the Featherweight Cardigan from Knitbot) as fast as my nimble little fingers can go, but it’s still taking a small eternity. I decided to take a little embroidery break last night and whipped up this little bunny…. The story is that long, long ago I found a story about a disabled bunny in a little chariot and it’s floated around in the back of my brain ever since. So I did a wee bit of researching and finally drew this little guy. However, I need your help! I want to embroidery something achingly clever below him (aka: Cruisin’… or Low Rider… or Hello Ladies). I haven’t come up with that perfect little somethin’ yet, so it will have to remain unfinished until ya’ll help me out!

And here is the foxy-man I posted a while ago, with his little chicklets… 

And here is the Hiker’s Waistcoat that I knit months ago, but never posted about. This is knit with wool that I hand-washed, spun and knit all by myself! It actually turned out pretty successfully considering that the yarn was a wee bit uneven and I had never made something all the way through like that! This is all wool from Bonnieview so it’s local to boot!