In Honor of Bees

The New York Times reported today that it is now officially legal to keep bees in New York City! Congratulations New York! In honor of this new development I’m posting some amazing little bee accessories I found over at Hen and Hammock. These are for solitary bees (not bee hives, but mason bees and such)… excellent!

Pollinating Bee Log – Bees Nest

This is along the same lines as this mason bee house I posted about a while ago. The little tubes are the perfect homes for these non-aggressive, busy pollinators. Plus this looks like it would be super easy to make on your own.

Garden Bug Box

This house provides homes for ladybirds and solitary bees, two insects that are essential for any garden (Lady birds are the same insect as Lady bugs). That way you can provide breeding areas for aphid eaters and pollinators all in one!

Hedgehog House

While you’re at it, you might as well try to save that dwindling hedgehog population too! They sell this sweet little house and I couldn’t NOT post it. Not that there are any hedgehogs around these here parts.

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