Sweater Time

I finished a cardigan I’ve been working on (for what seems like a small eternity)! Oh it feels so good to call something “done”. But it’s not done, not really. I might still get an urge to embroidery more bits of this and that… and I might put some buttons on, just for show. But for now, I’m satisfied. The pattern is for a Featherweight Cardigan by knitbot. It was a pretty great pattern, you knit the cardigan from the top downwards, which is unusual. I used the same yarn I made my last pair of fingerless mittens out of (Knitpicks’ Palette). I’d never embroidered anything on something I’d knit before and it was surprisingly easy. I think it helped that the stitches are so small and even. Perfect!

2 thoughts on “Sweater Time

  1. briki

    Dig the embroidery, nice, simple designs and uncluttered.
    If it were me I wouldn’t add many more designs, but I understand that they’re probably fun, and consequently somewhat addicting, to make.

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