I read a tutorial on dying yarn with a crockpot and kool-aid and thought “Well, why not?” So I skipped down to the village store, bought a packet of each flavor and spun up two spindles worth of yarn. I soaked the yarn as soon as I was done spinning it and then followed the directions in the tutorial. About an hour later I had a ton of yarn pretty bright orange and salmon yarn that smelled like hot juice. I wanted to make a yarn that went from yellow, to orange, to red then to blue and back through the colors again. Turns out the kool-aid in the blue pouch is NOT blue. No, it’s also red. The same red as the stuff in the red pouch. SNAP. I was hoping to work some purples and greens in with that blue pouch and instead I have something crossed between sherbert and construction site.

But, now it’s been two days and I’m getting over the initial peevishness. The colors are starting to grow on me, to the point where I’m even starting to think of some projects I can work it in to. Next time, it’s blue all the way baby. If I can find a wrapper that doesn’t lie, lie, LIE.

Oh, and it was a great tutorial, so if you’re interested in spending the minimum amount of time and money dying something, this is definitely the way to go.

2 thoughts on “Yarnimania

  1. Lee

    Yeah kool-aid is sneaky like that! The trick is, you have to look at the glass of kool-aid pictured on the package (instead of the background color) – that is pretty accurate. The first time I dyed, I was fooled by the Strawberry Kiwi in the green package, which is really pink!

    The 2 blue colors are Berry Blue and Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade – the sneaky thing about these is that the Berry Blue is the darker of the 2, even though it’s in the lighter color package.

  2. hammy Post author

    Thanks! That really helps. I’m definitely going to be doing some more ‘sperimenting over the next couple of weeks. The process is too easy not to!

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