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Etsy -Pigeon Toe Ceramics-

I am living in a community that values mason jars above most other things. You can drink, store food, ferment, preserve, decorate and do any number of wonderful/amazing things in/to/from/with mason jars. So, understandably, I got a little giddy when I saw this wonderful ceramic mason jar over at Pigeon Toe Ceramics this morning. I love the soft pinkish glow and the rather dashing size of the whole thing…

Greenery Update

I have dreams of spending my evenings canning pickles, tomatoes and making pounds of pesto… which is exactly what I’m going to do later this summer. I have started my santo cilantro, genovese basil, little leaf pickling cucumbers and gilbertie paste tomatoes and they’re growing so fast!

Cucumbers, hanging out in mini cups. Joe and I were “pranked” on April Fools Day… someone put roughly 200 little cups half full of water in front of our door. Sadly, our door doesn’t open up outward so I just opened the door in the morning, grunted and raised and eyebrow as I neatly stepped over them. We left them there for a few days until we hunted up a big bowl to pour the water from each cup in to. Now we have 200 little plastic cups, some of which are being used and reused to start the cucumbers because they are a bit too big and their roots too impressive to pop into egg shells very neatly.

Do you remember those wee seedlings I showed you? The ones in the eggshells? Here they are! The basil in the middle flat are the ones from the photo, but all of these were seeded in eggshells then transplanted once they got their first set of adult leaves. These are recycled salad containers I found in the office recycling and they make pretty perfect medium containers for the tomatoes (left) basil (middle) and cilantro (right) once I punched some holes in the bottom for drainage. The lids they came with are parked underneath to catch any water that might make it all the way down through the soil and out through the holes.

Up close basil babies…

Wood Burned Adventure Music

Oh where do I start with this music video?! I love how they’ve done the eyes, how the horse licks everything and the fact that it’s all wood burned… oh I love creative music videos…

Tim Knol – When I Am King from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

And better yet, here’s a “Making-Of” video!

Making Of Tim Knol’s “When I Am King” music video from SubmarineChannel on Vimeo.

Love Boat

There was a time when, if asked if I would ever go on a cruise, I would vehemently even passionately said “NO WAY!”

That being said, I just found something that would make me pause a moment and then slowly say “Nooo-o-ooo-o…?” not quite so decisively.  That thing? They’re called Craft Cruises. They’re pretty much what the title hints so alluringly at; luxury boats that travel about, stopping at various ports where there are things to do and see that would be interesting to a crafter. Not only do they have the very idea of craft cruises… they even have cruises geared toward specific kinds of crafting (crochet, knitting spinning, needle point). For example the hand spinning subcategory of Craft Cruises is described thusly:

Our enriching handspinning cruises allow you to improve your skills while visiting some of the most interesting ports in the world. Each day you will experience something new.

Unlike most handspinning retreats, with our handspinning cruises you are pampered onboard a beautiful cruise ship.   Our handspinning cruises provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere where you can be yourself without having to worry about anything except having a good time.

Handspinning classes will be offered while the ship is cruising and while we are in port there will be numerous opportunities to meet local fiber artists along the way.  Visiting fiber farms, local handspinners and yarn producers along the way will inspire you and give you a glimpse into other cultures that most tourists rarely enjoy.

Doesn’t exploring the Norwegian Fjords or New Zealand & Australia while knitting and spinning along the way sound fun!? Sure does to me…

Hair for Oil

A group called Matter of Trust has been collecting hair since 1998. Why? Because human hair is designed to absorb oil (like the oils from your scalp) and oil just so happens to be a fairly big problem these days. The newest oil leak is certainly not a rare occurrence, just the biggest in a long string of oil escaping into the ocean. Our hair, when packed into nylons and placed on the surface of the ocean around an oil spill has the power to absorb oil at a tremendous rate. NPR has done a nice little news story about Matter of Trust and the good work they’ve been doing, and the video below has some amazing imagery and statistics as well…

So, why am I talking about all of this? Beyond the fact that it is amazing that something we throw away daily can help save some of the lives we have put in danger with deep sea drilling and oil leaks from ships and pipes all of these years, Sterling College threw a huge hair-cutting party last week! Joe and I both donated hair…




Hannah lopped off her pretty braids and trimmed her hair down to an inch. Others completely shaved their heads and some only took a few inches off. Between 54 Sterlingites, Linus and Cody’s dog Willow we managed to donated 8 lbs of hair! I was impressed by how many people decided to join in and how many people volunteered three hours of their time to cut people’s hair.That’s about half of the population at Sterling. One of our faculty even went to a local barbershop and collected their hair too! It felt great to help and even better to have an experience draw so many of us together. Good job Sterling! If you’re interested, hop on over to and see what you can do too! Dog, rabbit and other manimal hair can be donated too…

All Species Day

A few weeks ago we took a trip down to Montpelier for the All Species Day/Parade.  

Joanna was the only one dressed remotely like an animal, but really, aren’t we all animals?

There were some amazing, tall puppets in the parade…

And a skull bicycle toolin’ down the street.

At the very front there was a group of women doing a nice shuffle, jump dance in white flowing skirts.

And parades are never complete without a crow-man pointing the way towards town, along the parade route.

Sterling Farm

It’s SPRING! And lovely outside. That means that the babies are getting bigger, the goats are getting friskier and the pigs are lolling around in steaming piles of muck.

Odin, guard llama extraordinaire does NOT like to be touched. However, he doesn’t mind it in the least if you want to gaze at him in an admiring fashion…

One of the new lamby-lambs feeling rather brave and sturdy. The mother ewes are now back at Bonnieview and the lambs are doing just dandily out on pasture.

And last of the hoofed creatures is Thyme, the friendliest nubian milk goat you’ll probably ever meet. She spends a good chunk of her day with her elbow hooked over the door of her pen waiting for some sort of action to walk by.

I realize that I haven’t put up any pictures of my favorite animals at the farm: the meat rabbits. There are roughly 100 rabbits ranging from babies still in the nest box to the momma rabbits.

This is the second of three batches of babies. Still small enough to chill in a nest box. Since then there are three more nest boxes with babies still sleeping in puddles of their mothers fur, too small to do anything but squirm around and squeak.

These are the first batch of babies from a few months ago… too big to stay with their mothers and too small to eat.

And here’s the big buck, all on his own. Apparently he hasn’t been too prolific so there’s been some debate about what to do with him. Joe and I keep joking that Linus should make a trip down to the farm… before we realized that he’s actually sterile. Ah well, it’s better that way…