Monthly Archives: July 2010


As you might imagine, I spend many a minute staring at the cucumbers trellising their way into the world on our front stoop. The actual vegetables on the vines are still quite petite and so, knowing that the cucumber plants I put in the actual ground were so much further behind than the ones in my Tupperware bin, I would occasionally glance at them… maybe poke some of the bits this way or that depending upon where I thought they should grow towards. NOT TODAY. I poked around as usual when I caught sight of this enormous would-be-pickle crouched in the shadows! The vines are still so much smaller than their boxed counterparts that I’m beyond bewildered as to how this behemoth came into existence.

SNAP. That’s a big pickle baby.

Bread & Puppet

We went to the newest Bread and Puppet show this past Friday. I’d been to one other performance at a local co-op, but I’d never been to the Bread and Puppet compound so it was an additional treat to be able to see the paper mache cathedral, museum and grounds! It’s definitely one place that everyone should stop by if they happen to drive through northern Vermont.

Bread and Puppet,  is, basically, a politically radical puppet theater, active since the 1960s. The name Bread and Puppet is based on the theater’s tradition of serving fresh baked bread (from a very, very old German sourdough starter) with aioli, for free! The idea is to create community through sharing, echoing the theater’s main principle that art should be as basic to life as bread is.

The neat paintings on the outside of the paper mache cathedral.