Monthly Archives: March 2011

Draft Goats

I’ve been dreaming a little big dream about training a harness/draft goat to help around my future homestead (another bigger dream in the works). I want to be able to move rocks, tote dirt and compost around and shift bundles of crops around without destroying my back or knees.

Why goats, you ask? Because horses are just too darn big and easy to hurt. Goats are low to the ground, easier to handle and are sturdy as all get out. Plus they eat all sorts of ruffage which means that you don’t need to buy much feed and you can house them in something much more reasonable than a huge barn or stall setup. Plus you can get milk and… if you’re of such a persuasion, meat out of the deal too.

The type of goat? Boers! They’re super sturdy, docile and pretty easy on the eyes (if I do say so myself). Just look at that photo! That is one handsome goatie. It’s like a giant Jack Russell.

And I found out that Hoegger Supply sells a goat powered garden cultivator and a variety of wagons and carts built for goaties. Plus, the internet is a wonderful gold mine of information on training draft or “harness” goats.

Etsy Shop -Tiny Owl’s Magic Attic-

There is a wonderful shop over on Etsy called Tiny Owl’s Magic Attic. It’s stocked with all manner of sweet knitting patterns like….

Deer with Little Antlers Pattern! I love that the antlers are knit and then felted a wee bit.

Oh and these! These are pretty high up on my chart of awesome. They are little castles for storing all your double pointed needles (or what have you)! There are two options: 1.) pop the top off like the one in the photo or 2.) the little one actually rolls open and has some pockets for your needles around the inside!

Now these… these took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at. Yes, they are gnomes which are really quite fantastic on their own. But they’re actually little needle holders too! You pop their little hats off and slip your needles or pencils into their hollow bodies! I can’t even believe how exciting this is! My brain is starting to ferment ideas for all sorts of needle holding creatures…


Schirin invited us down to Jefferson for some Saturday morning sourdough pancakes! Oh, and also to do some dyeing with onion skins! She’s designed an independent project where she makes a sweater from scratch… you can read a wee bit more about her adventures here Schirin’s also put up a lovely post about our day on her project blog including the recipe for those tasty pancakes!

Onion skins with a copper sulfate mordant! Much darker than the onion skin dye I made with alum mordant a while ago…