Things I’m Looking Forward to…

I am very excited about starting the summer out in Oregon, home again! What oh what will I do when I’m there and unpacked!? Oh, let me show you the things I’m plotting…

Visit Ruhl Bee Supply Gladstone, Oregon to get some sweet gear and tools.

Explore Bee Thinking Portland, Oregon

Black Sheep Gathering Eugene, Oregon… June 24-26

Oregon Country Fair Eugene, Oregon July 8-11

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival Canby, Oregon… Sept. 25 & 26 Sunday Afternoon: There is a parking lot fiber sale and an interesting workshop called Creature Herbalism by Kat Drovdahl

1 thought on “Things I’m Looking Forward to…

  1. Eirik

    You know what I’m looking forward to? You guys just being here already. Sheesh. It’s about time.


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