Monthly Archives: October 2011

At the Park

The bunnies and I made three trips to the park this summer. We met many new people (we even happened to go with Star on a day that the Freaker group set up their mobile grilled cheese mobile at the park!) and did some pretty chill lounging in the sand.

Fiona… photo bombing on the right there at the Freaker Mobile.

Bunny backs are a common sight when you’re at the end of a leash…  Linus got a kick out of watching what the Freaker gang was up to on the other side of the tree.

And then Linus met the tiniest pocket kitten I’ve ever seen! She was undaunted about his considerable size and tried to pounce on his face. He didn’t even notice.

Beekeeper's Quilt

So, I finally splurged and bought some new knitting patterns! Among them was the Beekeeper’s Quilt, a series of tiny knit hexagon pillows that you stuff and sew together to form a blanket (if you’re ambitious) or a chair cushion (if you’re less ambitious like me). It takes me about 30 minutes to make each little puff and I like that they’re tiny enough to tote around with me to meetings and coffee shops. Each puff is about 1.5 inches tall which should help to give the whole thing a sense of scale…

Definitely a work in progress. Eventually it will be a little cushion for my rocking chair!


The newest skeins, hot off the wheel!

You can also see my first forays into “bulky” spinning. I’ve been able to spin super thin yarn and ply it together to make something along the lines of “fingering weight” yarn which is great for light weight things (see the grey and greeny-yellow skeins) but if I want to knit something with a little more oomph to it, I need to learn how to spin a heavier yarn. Take a gander at the blue skein to see how I’m doing! There is much progress to be made but I’m pretty satisfied with what I’ve figured out so far…

Flat Bonnie

I just discovered the Flat Bonnie etsy store!

“Flat Bonnie was created to bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers, many people do not know that there are buns ready for adoption at these places. Flat Bonnies are made for people who love BUNNIES! and for people who may want a real bun but are not ready to provide the proper care and finances needed to raise a real bun. When that person is ready for a real bun, Bonnies message is to adopt a bun from a local shelter or rescue center.
A portion of the sales will be donated to bunny rescue organizations.

We donate many of Flat Bonnies to Rabbit Rescue Centers too.
They sell the Flat Bonnies to raise money to care for the abandoned and abused buns in their care. If you buy Flat Bonnie at those rescue centers, 100% of the sales will go to the care of the bunnies.”

How wonderful!

And you can buy little “poop friends” too! How appropriate…

I think this little guy is my favorite…