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This is a rather belated post. My parents visited us… Oh… last month and I’m just now getting around to putting up all of the photos they took with their fancy phones and the hipstamatic ap that goes along with all that tom-foolery. It was such a great visit and I’m glad they took all of these pictures because I certainly didn’t remember to!

Jessie, on the last leg of  the Top Notch triathalon. Go Jessie!

Paul, with the Sterling Oxen: Bronze and Chrome.

A Sterling Turkey-Lurkey peering out at the wider world beyond the barn.

More meat bunnies!

Bonnieview Farm dairy sheep, peacefully grazing their way down a hill.

The Cheap Art Bus at Bread and Puppet!Lastly, some of the masks in the barn at Bread and Puppet.

If you want to see more pictures, you can find them over here!

Snow, Through the Eyes of a Rabbit

Since it was so sunny but so cold we decided to take Linus for a romp. He hasn’t been in the snow since his last shave and he did pretty well considering his lack of fur.

Headed toward the great whiteness, with a smaller lump of whiteness.

I’m clutching Linus in my arms, my gloves in my teeth getting ready to plop him in the middle of this mysterious snow.

His feet look like little raccoon hands to me.

And then there are always attempts to toss him into snowbanks…