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Road Trip Sockies

So these are the socks I knit during the recent + epic road trip with Tyler. Nice, huh? I thought so. I just finished the second one this morning (the socks/mile isn’t particularly efficient… I finished one during the whole road trip).

socks02And no, for all of you concerned for my fashion well being, I didn’t wear that outside. This is one of those outfits I contemplate and then ask myself “What would Jessie do…?” and then change my mind. Ok? Ok.

Chocolate + Beer = CAKE!

I baked a cake for Tyler to take up to Mt. Hood tomorrow when he starts his ski camp. I’ve made this one three times now and it’s turned out delicious every time. You’ve gotta try it! I wrote about it the first time over on Cooking With Hanzipan and I got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen. There is beer and chocolate and a pinch of cinnamon to make it all tasty. What isn’t fabulous about that idea?! Nothin. Fo sho.


Road Trippin’

Whew! It’s been a whole week since I’ve been at this computer and while it’s nice to be back it was also really nice to get away for a while. This past week I helped my cousin Tyler move some of his ski equipment from the East Coast to the West Coast for a ski camp this summer on Mt. Hood’s glacier. He met me in Philly and we started out from there on Sunday morning, bright and early. We made it to Chicago that night where we stayed with one of his friends from high school. The next night we stayed at Fort Morgan on our way from Chicago to Denver. In Denver Tyler got some help balancing his new rig at Aspen Seating. While we were in Denver we went to Red Rocks and drove all the way up Mt. Evans. After that we stayed at his sponsor’s house for the night and then moved out towards Jackson Hole the next day. We stayed with Jonathan, one of the guys who has photographed some of Tyler’s ski races. Johnathan showed us around Grand Teton National Park where we got to see elk and bison and pelicans and a moose and so many other cool critters. We stayed two nights and it was great to spend some time in one place. From there we launched off towards Yellowstone with all of it’s natural amazing glory and then headed out towards Idaho where we stayed in Boise. And now? We’re back! Good old Oregon. We drove an (almost) obscene amount… today’s six hour drive was the shortest. I would definitely like to go back to Jackson Hole… I really liked that part of  Wyoming and I liked Colorado. Both were really rugged and very beautiful in their own sagebrushy ways.

Tyler and Pete figuring out whether the monoski was balanced or not. It’s ready to make it’s way up to Mt. Hood in the morning. After we were done in the shop Tyler and I went out to Red Rocks, an unusual formation made out of… yes, you guessed it: red rocks.


I’d hate to be inconsistent when it comes to photos. The last trip was all about bark and this one had a large number of waving grassy shots. I spared you endless pictures of flowers and bugs, oh how I do love my nature shots.dscn0722

Reeeedddd ROCKS! An amphitheater has been carved into them and anyone you can think of (from the Beatles to ICP) has played there. I’d LOVE to go to one of the concerts there. One day…

From there we wound our way up the side of Mt. Evans. It’s America’s highest paved road, oh man, it went so far up into the clouds!


We saw goaties right by the road…


and when you’ve reached the top…dscn0750

You’re standing higher than the tallest peak of Mt. Hood. It was bitterly cold and icy. We got out of the car for a grand total of five minutes, just long enough to snap some pictures and get ourselves back into the car. There were some headaches because of the altitude and it took us an hour and a half both ways to get there but it was so worth it! Just look at that view.


And then we were in Jackson Hole. It’s just south of Yellowstone and wraps around the Grand Teton National Park. There was wildlife all over the place and crazily picturesque views to boot.dscn0779

We even wound up on a boat traveling across Jackson Lake. Tyler got to drive for a while but only after he warned us that he was probably going to do some donuts. He did. Water donuts… heehee.


Yesterday, Friday, we went to Yellowstone. This is one of the signs that greets you when you get out to see the geysers and such. That kid has had better days… he should have stayed on the path. Sucker.


They weren’t nearly as smelly as I thought they would be, mostly steam and pretty colors. There was a stunning amount of bison poops all over the place. Apparently they don’t need to stay on the paths like we do.


A big, aqua, boiling hole in the ground.


Anything yellow WAS stinky. Apparently sulphur is yellow + stinky + smells like the devil.




The pits and pools and pots and geysers had moderately alarming names like “Abyss Pool” and dragon this and devil that. Everything was boiling and churning around like they tend to do.

It took a week but we made it back safe and sound. I got to see the country and shake my head periodically, mumbling “Oh man, I can’t imagine taking a wagon across this. No way would I do the Oregon Trail. No WAY. Oh man…” And so it ended.

Ooooohhhhh SNAP!

eat_rocksWe’re goin’ on a trip!! Tyler and I are going to be driving from Philly to Chicago to Denver and then some other places in between there and home. WOW! A whole week! So that means this will become a relative barren wasteland for one whole week. Yowza. See you in a week!


catman_78This guy is the second in a series taken from a set of drawings my Dad did when I was much smaller than I am now. Don’t worry, when I’m done they’ll all be reunited in a single post. Very glorious, promise. I’m still not happy with the smaller cat he’s holding… we’ll see what happens with that at some point. I really loved that he looked like an evil cat genius in the drawings… and somehow he’s turned into a regular classy catman.

The toes on his shoes are my favorite part. It’s the little things…

Oh Lawdy

There are two stories here. I was listening to Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a few weeks ago (which is, by the way, my all time favorite radio show besides This American Life) and one of the things they talked about was a chicken rescue group who putting little sweaters on the naked, abused chickens at their rescue. Mo Rocca said he didn’t like hand knit sweaters and then he promptly got one from the ladies over at ravelry and then he apologized (and created a wave of discussion through the knitting community).

Anywho, back to what prompted this story. I sold one of my little hens (available in the etsy shop) to a very nice woman in the UK for her grandson, and she sent me the link to the Little Hen Rescue. Oh my goodness, the sweaters, the chickens, the ability to adopt such a chicken! It’s pretty fabulous.

I’ve got to confess, my sister and I were each allowed to pick out a chicken at the feedstore when we were little. We raised them and, after a while, they started to lay eggs and go about their chickeny business. 4273_89696492720_613252720_2235563_5957797_nI can’t remember what attempted to eat Jessie’s chicken (it was either a hawk or the dog…) all that was left was a pile of feathers until, that is, we found it crouched behind some feed bins several days later… totally naked. We took a doll sweater (and to make the visual even better, it was a Charlie Brown sweater) and stuck it on the chicken until it’s feathers grew back. It worked and after a few months all of the feathers were back!

Here’s a video of the sweater knitting action. There’s a pattern for a chicken sweater, if you wanted to knit one yourself.


pipe(Yes that is a pipe, no I don’t smoke… I just like crafting with it)

I was on Craftzine today and I found Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Project. The idea is really simple, anyone can register by purchasing a challenge packet (for just the 20 cent cost of the listing fee) by June 1st. On June 2nd, Junkstop will mail out a packet to each person who is registered. All packets will have identical contents, consisting of an assortment of items saved from the landfill, as well as the rules for the challenge. Photos of completed entries should be posted to the Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Challenge Flickr group by July 15. The winning entry gets a $20 gift certificate to their Etsy shop.

How great is that!? It’s so simple and for 20 cents it couldn’t be cheaper. Getting people to think about what they consume and how they can reuse these things is great, you can’t put a price on that. I just bought my packet (what ELSE can you buy for 20 cents? Nothin’, that’s what). Wouldn’t it be great if you guys did it with me? Then we could all post our creations! That would be super cool.