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Captain Craigslist

On a wee whim I decided to oogle google my name and up comes, of all things, the craigslist magazine I did for class last year. The project was to imagine if craigslist were to put out a monthly magazine and then design one. It could be about anything but it had to reflect the aesthetics of craigslist. So, after weeding through a mountain of best-of’s (and yes, I scrolled through ALL of the pages of thousands of best-of’s), I found a subculture within craigslist: the superhero/super villain/time machine/ninja group of people posting ads. I decided to make an extra super issue of the would-be craigslist magazine. I took many of the “wanted” ads for things and made a section and then I combined several different stories to make the larger stories within the issue. I wanted it to look pretty rough, sort of late 80’s/early 90’s colors and this is what I came up with. Enjoy!

I Am, How You Say… Famous?

The internets has a much better memory than I do. Proof: I just found an article I wrote a year ago for a mailer Evergreen sends out. On a whim I googled my name (and thus far none of the hits have been me, thank goodness) and today I actually recognized one. Phew. That feels weird. Here it is, in all of it’s glory. I don’t think I’ll be writing articles any time soon…

What Brought You to Evergreen?

It had been more than a decade since Michelle Gulden was last in school when she decided to enroll at The Evergreen State College. She had earned her two-year degree at South Puget Sound Community College, after which she decided to “take a short, 11-year break.” Gulden filled those years and more as a single mother and working full time. Then she married, had another child and became a stay-at-home mom. All the while, she wrestled with whether or not to return to school to earn a bachelor’s degree.

“I felt like there was some unfinished business I had with my education before I went back to work. I wanted a bachelor’s degree and I thought, ‘It’s now or never,’” says Gulden, 41, whose career goal is to work in human resources. Gulden read feature articles in Evergreen’s Evening and Weekend Studies Class Listing that were mailed to her house and found that the non-traditional college age students featured in these articles echoed the insecurities that had been keeping her from returning to school while at the same time providing ample assurance.

“Older students said they felt afraid and insecure, but found Evergreen to be a welcoming and supportive environment,” explains Gulden, who continued to contemplate returning to college for three more years. Attending Evergreen’s quarterly Academic Fair helped put her concerns to rest. “It was a treat to meet the faculty before taking their class. They were so helpful in alleviating all my fears. I would definitely recommend going if someone is worried about returning to college.”

Winter 2008 Gulden took the plunge. She chose Evergreen because of the beautiful campus and the affordability, among other reasons. “I chose Evergreen because the schedule of Evening and Weekend Studies met my and my family’s needs. The classes looked very interesting too – not your typical ‘cookie cutter’ college classes,” Gulden notes.

Gulden enrolled in a literature program, a subject she felt comfortable with, to ease into the process of becoming a student again after so long. “I know it sounds cliché, but Evergreen is everything I thought it would be. I love the diversity of the students, the supportive faculty and how laid back everyone is,” she adds.

Hannah graduated from The Evergreen State College this past summer. She hopes to go on to graduate school for a degree in deaf education or library science – or both.

Goodness… I even forgot what I wanted to be doing now. Library science? Hmm….

Here Piggy Piggy

So Western Oregon University has been closed down because of the whole swine flu-ness and all hell is breaking loose. Apparently there is a highly likely case of the nasties there and they may or may not be quarantined, but classes are definitely canceled. There was much chaos and kerfuffle when Mom thought they were quarantined with police cars on the highway, blocking off Jessie’s escape. It involved calling KATU and arguing with the lady who answered, and then checking the school’s website repeatedly and taking screen shots as record of what changes happened on the site over time because the school has been super shady about the whole ordeal, saying that it will be closed due to “inclement weather” aka: swine flue. Turns out that there is a possible outbreak, but the police were on the highway because there was just a big car accident and it was only “recommended” that students remain on campus. After all of the excitement, Jessie decided to stay there after all… maybe escaping when you’re allowed to isn’t as exciting as staying and possibly contracting piggie sickness. I think it’s zombies. Head for the malls before it’s too late! Or Great Wolf Lodge.


I wound up taking a trip out to South Bend, Indiana this weekend to visit Ian at Notre Dame. We had some free tickets and he’d invited me out when he was home over Christmas break so I though, why not? Now you’re all caught up and hunky-dorrie, right? Good. So I flew in to Chicago Midway and took two trains (three hours or so) out to South Bend from Chicago. All by myself! I’m pretty darn pleased if I do say so. Anyway I got into South Bend at 7:30 on Wednesday and flew out at 3 on Sunday (after taking two trains BACK to Chicago). We had some fun times, mostly involving alcohol… for better or worse. I did get to see Chip Kidd give a little talk which was an AMAZING coincidence! I got into the car on the way to his place from the train station and Ian says something like “Oh, so my roommate is going to see this guy talk tomorrow night… I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him. Chip Kidd? Anyway, you might like it.” At which point I flipped out and said YES YES YES! I want to go! For those of you not in the know Chip Kidd has designed just about every awesomely wonderfully beautiful book cover you’ve ever seen… it’s like asking a British person if perhaps they’d like to go see the Queen give a little talk, I mean, only if they’d heard of her or something. Amazing. That made the whole trip worth it. Period. It’s still a good thing that everything was still fun too because it would have been a long four days.

Anyway, on Thursday Ian had class so I walked around the campus for seven hours or so. It was pretty brisk outside and windy, but the sun was out so if balanced out. More or less. I took a bunch of pictures while I walked around and I just realized that, as I’m uploading them that about 90% are of tree bark, 7% are of squirrels/swans, 2% are statues/buildings and 1% are miscellaneous plant bits. Sigh… there IS something about tree bark textures that hits a happy note in my brain and I have a feeling they’re going to play a role in some project down the line but those were seriously ALL the pictures I took! No pictures of people, us doing things, the apartment. NOTHING. I guess it’s just another window into whatever the hell goes on my head most days. Tree bark. Super exciting Hannah. Sheesh.dscn0359

Statues of the religious types I saw hovering around campus standing in front of Touchdown Jesus on the library. Jesus found his way onto most buildings around ND. Surprise surprise.dscn0365

Disco Devil Moses nearish the library. And yes, he is standing on a bull’s head.dscn0366

The Golden Dome thingy.dscn0368

And again, goldenish and domish.dscn0371

Hot bark action… and this is just the beginning.dscn0386

One of my squirrely friends just before he stuffed a fist sized wad of trash into his mouth and ran away. The size of my fist, not his.dscn0399dscn0403

EXTREME bark action…dscn0404dscn0416

And a pair of swans I found cruising on the campus lake. A.) Yes the campus has it’s own damn lake and B.) these swans were having none of this “jogging” around the lake. I saw one go for a girl’s ankles just before it made a pretty impressive go for the other swan and some type of tiny duck.dscn0417dscn0421

Ok, this is the last bark picture. I really do think these have some potential. Quilt? No… something though. We just don’t have those kinds of trees out here in abundance.dscn0468

This is a shot of Chicago from the South Sound commuter train station at Museum Campus/11th if you’d like to geek out over it or something.dscn0470

And this is a REALLY neat piece at the Midway airport. It is a cluster of red paper aircraft in the shape of a bird. Each little aircraft has a lead weight hanging below it also in the shape of a bird. It looks like a completely random cluster until you start to descend on the escalator and it morphs into this amazing, giant bird.

That’s the end of my story.

What the Heck has she been up to?


Click me to go to inside of catalog


Click me to go to outside of catalog

I’ve been taking one of mummy’s design classes this quarter and one of the projects was to design an eight page catalog for Zappos shoes in InDesign. We were supposed to pick a brand/type/gender/color…. in other words, we were supposed to find some sort of theme from which to pick a number of shoes (our choice) and then include some information about the site, shoes and a size chart. Beyond those pretty general guidelines we could do just about whatever. I chose Simple shoes (sustainable, some vegan, recycled, etc.) and did a two-sided, four panel folding catalog (28 x 7.5 inches). I scanned some felt and a pair of corduroy pants for texture and then drew all of the little critters to do with the whole nature/sustainable theme. You can click on the thumbnails up there to go to the inside of the catalog (left) and the outside (right).

Click me to go to full-size poster

Click me to go to full-size poster

The other class I’ve been taking is a beginning design class with Jennifer Thomas. So far we’ve been messing about with Illustrator and one of the projects we were assigned was to create a poster for the MHCC Integrated Media focus we’re in (it’s a mix of radio, photography, design and video students) using content from the IM website. We had to use the pen tool and the specific content from our individual sections, beyond that we could do anything with our 11 x 17 poster. I used birds… and a tree…. I’m sensing a theme. However, I made one set of birds and trees more realistic than the others, so it’s not too similar. Or so I’m going to tell myself. I think I’ll have to ban birds and trees for the rest of the quarter. Meh. You can click on the thumbnail on the right to see the full-size version of the poster.