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Garage Sale Extravaganza

We made a trek up to the Expo Center today to see what this “” was all about. Turns out it’s a massive gathering of schmoo that you have to pay far too much to get in to see. Now we know. However, there were two great finds that sort of made everything worth it this time (but never, ever again). One: Sheep skins…  

I got a nice chuckle out of that one. And two: a pretty fantastic framed example of dye plants and the colors they produce.

There are sixteen different plants (I recognize two or three here) that will produce a dye, a little bit of weaving to show the colors in use and, to top it all off, the whole thing has a wonderful wool roving background that all the bits are nestled into. I snatched it up for $10 dollars and have been gloating over it since we got home. The man who was running the booth said that he thought he might have gotten it from one of the entrants at the Oregon Country Fair or something. This is an admirable piece of work, not to mention how well preserved the plants are. Yay!

Oui Presse & the Smile Mug

There has been a discovery made, of sorts. It turns out that there is a coffee shop down the street from our apartment that has the most amazing mocha in all of Portland. They use real chocolate and perhaps even butter? Either way, the effect is something along the lines of a melted bar of chocolate with a dash of coffee which, quite possibly is the most fantastic beverage on a chilly winter day. On one of our jaunts down there I zeroed in on this mug and spent our whole visit clutching it before I decided that I really didn’t want to part with it. Now, it’s my little chai buddy. I love that you have to buoy it up by the ears to drink from it instead of via a handle. If you’re in Portland, want a great mocha and a delightful mug then you should probably pop over to Oie Presse, maintenant.