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Mike Perry aka Midwest is Best

“Doodling away night and day, Perry creates new typefaces and sundry graphics that inevitably evolve into his new work, exercising the great belief that the generating of piles is the sincerest form of creative process.”

My parents were looking at Mike Perry’s site this morning and at some point I was called over to see some of the little patterns he had drawn. That was about an hour ago and since then I’ve been wading through his site finding one awesome illustration after another. I admire every piece he has up on his stupidly complicated site. If you want to go and see more of his things, it’s worth trying to navigate around that site… trust me. Mike, dude, simplify your site… it’s a pain.


Untitled Magazine is one of Perry’s creations… and it is gorgeous. This is from the third issue… oh man it’s only $6.00 for this one (16 pages) and it’s $14.00 for the second issue (an 80 page swim suit issue). After the sale next weekend, we’ll see if I have any play money. I know exactly where it’s gonna go!


The Black Kids (Spin Magazine)


Skull Tree


The Landscape Between Time and Space


Holiday Zine 2008holiday_zine_2008_2

Holiday Zine 2008holiday_zine_2008

Holiday Zine 2008

Anywho, at some point during my travels this morning I wound up buying his Holiday Zine 2008. It was only $8.00 including shipping and it had most of my favorite illustrations in it. How great is that!?

GigPoster – Gigo Elmoselhi –

I was collecting bits of awesome from gigposter in prep for this weekend’s “E” episode when I found Gigo. It looks like he’s just starting (he only has eight posters) but the fact that each and every one of them is great was such a surprise and so rare, I decided to do a little mini feature on him before this weekend. Who wants to wait when I could just do it now!? Not me.




This is one of the only times I have ever liked seeing photos of people on a poster. I know I griped about it last time, but this actually works. I can’t tell you why, and I think it’s something I’ll have to study and think about. Why is he able to make it work when so many others just fail miserably? I dunno. Maybe you know? Maybe you want to tell me?

Now, I’m not saying that I’m in love with all of these. What I am saying is that he has a surprisingly developed sense of posterness that he deserves to get a little golf-clap sort of kudos from Hi There Hammy. Kudos Gigo… keep rocking that style and that name.

A Cache of Posters (and yes, I do pronounce “cache” wrong)

Ok, you know how I’ve been posting about gigposters once a week for three or four weeks now? I now have, on my computer, under my clamy little hands, a new poster website. AND, shock & awe… they only feature the good ones. I can’t tell you how many really really really bad posters I’ve had to look through to pick out the good ones I post about. Oh man, it’s hours of my life, gone…

Anywho, enough moaning, here are some of Methane Studio’s work on Poster Cabaret (P.S. YOU CAN TOTALLY BUY ALL THESE TOO!):

GigPoster – D –

Hey hey! Welcome to the letter D of our gigposter extravaganza! I’ve waded my way through some moderately angry posters, sprinkled with a bit of nudity and topped with some really bad posters to bring you these lovelies. I have discovered two things during the course of my research: 1) I don’t like photos in gigposters (and by photos I mean photographic images… something about them always looks super cheesy, even if they’re being “ironic” or something) and 2.) if your design name is something naughty I will hate your work 100% of the time (it probably takes a certain personality to even think about marketing themselves under a naughty name and the design that comes out of that same brain is equally terrible). Yuck.

Anywho, moving on to better, prettier things… here’s this week’s installment! Enjoy…


Ricardo Delrancho

With a name like Ricardo Delrancho, how can you not be awesome!? I like where he’s going in all of these… his color palette is great, the images are great… oh man, I like him.


Pablo Delcielo

I like his style. It reminds me of the Ticking by Renee French. He only has a few posters and I hope he keeps making more.

I love what’s going on in these posters! But this is another case where I definitely don’t want to be hanging around in the same brain that these came out of. This is such a great little horse dude… how can you not love it?
Is doing some sort of cut paper-esque thing and I dig it. The images he’s choosing and the way he’s cramming some very cool detail. Definitely worth looking at and YES that does mean you! Go lookie look!


Hugh Dandrade

I really love this poster and I like where his style is going but I feel like most of his work is all the same. Which is good separately, but if you see it all together like you do on Gig it gets a little redundant. Ohhh how I do like this one!


Drowning Creek Studio

I like this particular poster a lot, and I like about a teaspoonful of their style, but I got bored going very far back into their gallery on Gig. They’re channeling some sort of Australian theme… or something…. and it’s great, it works on the first page. Stay there and you won’t be missing much.

Has some nice things going on… but I think this is one of those times where they’re just starting to develop whatever their voice is. You can see the same thing happening in the first two pages of any of these artists’ pages on Gig, I’m going to be expecting some good things from Dog & Pony if they keep making things.
Is WACKY TACKY, in an awesome “Things are getting weird, so lemme bust this out for a sec” kind of way. I don’t want to be in whoever’s head this stuff is pouring out of, but I’m really charmed by the end product.
I love their Conor Oberst poster. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it! They do some nice work, check it out.
Has a huge number of really, really nice posters. Someone has put a lot of love into all of these to make them look so beautiful, and really in the end, they’re just gig posters. However, I think that it’s designers like Delicious that have elevated gigposters above the level of mere advertisements. I wanna hang these suckers on my walls and stare at them all darn day.
He has a really nice color palette and layering technique that makes everything look like you’re looking at a well done 3-D poster… without the glasses.

The Smell of Old Wood, Paper and Ink

This is the 101st Hi There Hammy post! Woot! In honor of this momentous occasion, here is a sweet video from Craftzine, of the Sao Paulo printing press Grafica Fidalga. These men use a gorgeous old press from 1929 and hand cut wood letters to print with. The way that press moves is so so beautiful. I can almost smell the ink and paper just looking at it.

Made with the Hands

Ok, ok, they’re not ALL hand made. The first two are, and I admire them all the more for their handcraftidness. However, I couldn’t resist adding the pig snouts and dancing tea cups in, who can resist pig snouts!?

I found this mushroom-shaped birdhouse over in Mudpuppy’s shop. How cute is that!?

I don’t think birds would actualy live in there, but I bet they’d be more than happy to use it as a seed buffet.

Craftzine had a little feature on Loyal Loot Collective’s Log Bowls. How cool are these!? They are made from locally reclaimed trees (well, local if you’re from Calgary) and are finished with acrylic paint and a water based high gloss finish.

Dad found this pig snout cup on Sub-Studio Design. I’ve never been a fan of those paper cups that have the silly noses printed on the side, but this is much classier.

Jorine has made these little ceramic vessels with so much personality I’m tempted to get some and play dolly with them. They look like they’re having so much fun, tottering around on tables holding your butter or other foodie goodness that they’d probably make any table look hip. No? Oh, and I think those pig nose cups were made with Jorine as part of the team.Hey it looks liek Jorine has internships. INTERESTED? Yes, yes I am. However, I don’t think the Netherlands is where I want to be quite yet. Or where Monty wants to be dragged. I can imagine him thumping in his carrier the whole way there.