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Etsy of the Week – Every Eskimo –

I absolutely love the Every Eskimo shop. It’s one of my newer discoveries and everything reminds me of something I would do and would love to do! There are short little stories that go with each and there’s a sweet sense of scale in each one. If you visit the shop be sure to check out their animals because they tend to have some really funny quirks (mostly missing body parts). Oh man, I love it! Plus they are all really reasonably priced for how large and sweet they are. Check it out…!


We Had a Fight – Double Foundling
tumorpusTumorpus – a nesting octopus child
foundling_2Foundling 667 – in Footie Pajamas
foundlingFoundling 241- Bubbly Baby Sweetness

Best Of

Cragslist has a “Best Of” section where you can find all sorts of amazing stories and ads (warning, mostly NSFW). For instance:

Date: 2009-04-17, 3:10PM EDT

I have a family of taxidemied hamsters for sale. They are perfect for the kid who wants a hamster but you know damn well won’t take care of them. Just buy a cage, pose them in it and tell the kids to enjoy. If the kids ask why they aren’t moving just explain to them that happy hamsters keep still. These hamsters were originally bought with love and taken care of very well. Then, as is usually the case with my little ba**** kid, he lost interest and kept forgetting to feed them. One by one they dropped off. I couldn’t bear to flush these cute things down the toilet so I bought a taxidermy kit and stuffed them. The best part about these guys is that they won’t soil the cage or cost anything in food! They’ll just give hours of pleasure like live hamsters. Call or e-mail me with an offer so that you can begin your new life as a hamster owner! [number deleted]

Joe “Buzzy”

  • Location: Webster,NY
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 1127138244


blogWow, more changes! Subtle, but they’re there. A shop tab has been added. It shows everything I have up in the etsy shop and yes! You can totally buy them! More recently, I’ve added an “About” page right next to ye olde shoppe. You can read a little about m’self there. Take advantage of the new changes, explore a little, do whatever it is you do on this blog. Etc.

Etsy of the Week – Pretty Random Objects –

It’s no secret that I love bunnies. Really, I do. Pretty Random Objects definitely takes the cake for absolutely cute ceramic bunnies and other ceramitastical neatness. One of these days, some of those bunnies will find a new home amidst the clutter in my room. Oh they make me smile!

mini_bunny_sculpturesMini Bunny Sculptures – set of three –

Dandelion Teacups – set of four –

bird_vaseBird Vase


pipe(Yes that is a pipe, no I don’t smoke… I just like crafting with it)

I was on Craftzine today and I found Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Project. The idea is really simple, anyone can register by purchasing a challenge packet (for just the 20 cent cost of the listing fee) by June 1st. On June 2nd, Junkstop will mail out a packet to each person who is registered. All packets will have identical contents, consisting of an assortment of items saved from the landfill, as well as the rules for the challenge. Photos of completed entries should be posted to the Rhonda’s Recycled Craft Challenge Flickr group by July 15. The winning entry gets a $20 gift certificate to their Etsy shop.

How great is that!? It’s so simple and for 20 cents it couldn’t be cheaper. Getting people to think about what they consume and how they can reuse these things is great, you can’t put a price on that. I just bought my packet (what ELSE can you buy for 20 cents? Nothin’, that’s what). Wouldn’t it be great if you guys did it with me? Then we could all post our creations! That would be super cool.

Etsy of the Week – Junker Jane

Junker Jane has been one of my absolute favorite etsy shops lately. Her whimsical little people make me giggle every time I see them. I love the warped sense of scale and details like leg hair that make an appearance in all of her plush people. There aren’t many things in her shop at the moment, but you can go to the “sold” section and see all of the critters she’s sold until now. Oh, how they make me smile! And yes, she totally lives in Portland! Woot!


Otto the Strongman


Monster Magda


Monster Persephone


Be Mine OR ELSE Valentine Monster Girl

GigPosters – F –

Well…. it’s that time of week again ladies and gents! Here’s the next installment of gigposters from me, straight to your pretty little eyeballs. There was a surprising number of completely gorgeous posters in the F section, maybe I should change my name to something starting with F so that the likelihood I’ll produce something eye-wateringly good will go through the roof.
Maybe not.

FREEDM_FLYER_invite shepard_fairey
only has a handful of posters up  but the ones he does have are pretty great. Russian Constructivism, anyone? Yikes that’s cool.


Shaun Flynn

He only has one, but the one he’s got is great. I love the colors and the movement he’s created with lines.

ryan_finnerin2 ryan_finnerin
I like the retro feel he has through all of his posters.
I really love the textures, shapes and colors he’s using in this particular poster.


Nevin Flinchbaugh

This is one of my favorite posters of all time. The fingers as little people and the typography in the shape of a hand! Ahhh it’s too good…

matt_flowers4 matt_flowers3 matt_flowers2 lines_27
Is just getting started, but there’s a definite clean feeling that he carries through each of his posters that makes him one of my instant favorites. He has great colors and a really nice perspective on what it is to be a gigposter.


Luca Farinella

I really like this poster. He only has two posters, but the way he’s divided this illustration of a fist and the lines radiating off with information is really nice.

lou_frascogna2 lou_frascogna
Ok, I’m going to warn you now… there’s a rain/umbrella theme to this post. For some reason three different artists in the F section have used this theme in their posters whereas none of the other artists so far have. I love the idea that the same subject can be used and yet evoke totally different emotions.


JP Flexner

I have a definite thing for posters that use three or four layered colors to create a 3d-without-the-3d-glasses look and this one is no exception. This guy is prolific, but this is my favorite poster of his.

james_flames5 james_flames4 james_flames3 james_flames2 james_flames
How can you not totally dig this guy’s name!? Especially when you see how gorgeous his posters are. I don’t love all of them, but I absolutely love the ones I do. Little details like information in an eyebrow, his use of big, graphic lettering, and the quirky subject matter make these posters for me. Oh man, don’t stop now James Flames, these are so good!
furturtle_printworks3 furturtle_printworks2 furturtle_printworks
I love just about every poster they have on gigposter. The deer, however, are my favorite. The line quality and the negative vs. positive space blows me away. They have a great eye for fonts in that they suit whatever the rest of the poster is up to. They have a ton of posters up and it’s worth taking a gander.



I love this particular illustration, not as a poster, but as a little drawing. The line work is so great!


Francoise Massacre

There are some interesting moments in Francoise Massacre’s posters. This hand is an example of neat typography, cool illustration and interesting color. Nice job Francoise.

flourescent_hill2 flourescent_hill
I can’t get over how sweet this little bear is. Their color work is really nice and the themes for their posters lend a sweet, innocence to these illustrations.
florafauna4 florafauna3 florafauna2 florafauna
I really like these posters. The scale, color and themes jive together in a super aesthetically pleasing way. How can you not love something like a fabric, flower suit!?
fast_friends_inc4 fast_friends_inc3 fast_friends_inc2 fast_friends_inc
Every single one of these posters tickles me pink! These make me so giddy that I don’t know where to look, I would definitely tear these off of whatever lamp post I saw them on and plaster my walls with their zany energy. Yes, I’m talking to you donky-unicornman with a giant bow tied to your neck!
fanfare_parade2 fanfare_parade
I like their more recent work. All the detail twisting around on the Tallest Trees poster and the textures on Tommy and the Whale caught my eye and kept it cruising around.


Fake French

Is zany like Fast Friends Inc. but in a quieter, stranger way. There are lots of lovely colored intestines happening, and some interesting typography chopping around on their posters. I like.

fageta_87 fageta_51
There are only two posters, but I love both of them for their creative typography. This is obviously the early days for Fageta, but I like where it’s going.
factor27_66 factor27_65
I want to hang their light bulb poster on my room and trace my finger down each string in a sort of compulsive ritual every morning when I wake up. There’s something about the weight of the lines, the subject and those great light bulbs that makes me smile.


Estelle Flores

I really love the colors and shapes she’s chosen for her posters.

dirk_fowler4 dirk_fowler3 dirk_fowler2 dirk_fowler
Wow, what a name. These posters knock my socks off. The Devotchka poster caught my eye first and I had to see more of his work after that. I love Devotchka and that poster totally communicates their music. Plus, those Willy Nelson brades are so great! I didn’t even have to read the name to get that it was Willy. Talk about brand recognition!


Dale Flattum

Yeah yeah, I love bunnies, and yes this one is painting red hair on a dude with a cigar. ‘Nuff said.


Bartek Felczak

Has some very sweet little illustrations. I don’t think his style is quite formed all the way yet, but it’s heading somewhere soft and pretty.

Crafters… UNITE!

Heehee! Yesterday was May’s Crafty Wonderland in the basement of the Doug Fir Lounge on Burnside. I decided to ferret out all of the goodies crammed into the nooks and crannies of my room, stuff them in a bag and head out to set up shop. I was really nervous… I mean, what if people didn’t like my things? I know that I like them, but that’s because I’m the one making them… of course I like them. I’m even madly in love with a few.

All that worrying was for nothing. I had a great day meeting the other crafters and shoppers and I’m really excited about going again next month. I wanted to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out to support us (whether you bought something or not, just going can make a big difference) and a double thank you to everyone who bought something yesterday. It’s you guys who make all of this possible and enjoyable. At the end of the day I even did some trading with the other crafters…photo22

I got to pick out one of Cate’s wonderful original illustrations in trade for a lion and moo cow and I traded Ciao Birdie an embroidery piece for one of her bird collages on wood. It was a really, really great day!photo23

I feel like this is probably what my brain looks like. A little lion over here, some felted rocks over there, and me sitting right in the middle of the nesty-mess-chaos, looking out at everything. It’s a good brain to have, let me tell you!

Thank you again to all of you who came with empty bags and left with them chock full of goodies!