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More Booty

Mom, Dad and I wound up on Alberta street in Portland this morning where we did a little browsing. In a little flower shop we found an air plant. I’d seen one on a blog a while ago and was curious. They don’t need to be potted, instead they get all their nutrients from the sun… all they need is a little bath every once in a while. What’s double neato is that they have little baby plants once in a while called pups and they can have several “litters” in their lifetimes. How cute is that? Mine came with a little wire so I can hang it in my basement. Right now it’s about the size of a small grapefruit and it’ll keep growing into a sphere shape, blooming these pretty purple flowers for a few more years hopefully!

p1020545p1020549Star, if it ever has a pup, you’ll get one!