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Sims: The Social Experiment

I used to LOVE playing the sims. Not so much playing with them, but decorating things and building the houses. Anywho, they’ve just come out with SIMS 3 (bigger, better and with more detail). Today I stumbled on the little social experiment Robin Burkinshaw has been conducting. She has created two homeless SIMS (something you couldn’t do in earlier games), taken their money and more or less recreated the basic conditions of homelessness. The SIMS took it from there. There are some really terrible things that happen. You can read the many posts about her experiment and the progress her Sims are making over on her blog: Alice and Kev.

All adults in The Sims 3 have a lifetime wish. An ultimate goal that they want to achieve before the end of their life. Usually this is to reach the top of a particular career path, or become the best at a particular set of skills. When you create an adult Sim, you’re given a selection of lifetime wishes to choose from, which change depending on that Sim’s personality traits.

When I made Kev, choosing a lifetime wish was a little difficult. I knew that he was never going to be successful in a career, which meant that almost all of the options the game offered me weren’t going to be possible. The only lifetime wish available to him that I thought he could aspire towards while still remaining homeless was to become a ‘heartbreaker’. He wants to be the boyfriend of 10 different sims.

So while Alice is asleep on a bench somewhere, I send Kev to the park to try to find him some romance. However, due to either his inappropriate or insane trait, he turns up without his clothes.simsimage from Alice and Kev

VIA (boingboing)