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Angoras from the Past

I was perusing the interwebs today and, somehow or another I found myself looking at a group of photos from the Wisconsin Historical Images Photostream on Flickr. Amongst the trumpet-playing farm boys and groups of girls were angora rabbits that looked suspiciously like Linus.

These rabbits are from an album made between 1941-1943 and depict the German’s angora rabbit fur program located in 31 different German concentration camps including Dachau, Thorn and Buchenwald. The fur from these rabbits was used to make clothing and as a lining in the coats of Luftwaffe pilots.  Sigrid Shultz recovered the book when she was assisting searching for documents missing from Himmler’s Alpine villa as part of the Counter Intelligence Corps. You can read more about it at the Wisconsin Historical Society and see more photos in the Wisconsin Historical Images Photostream.

Linus’ old-timey relation.

Angora rabbits in the process of being shaved.