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A Holiday Preview

Phew! It’s been a busy season and I suspect it will only get zanier later this month. I start putting projects in my “all done!” basket back in July and I’m still working on things every bit of down time that I have. Want to see what I’ve got up my sleeve, on my needles and tucked away for the holiday? Betchya do!

I carved some stamps this past weekend to make wrapping paper. I’m notorious for waiting until the -nth hour to wrap things and then scrambling to fish bits of paper out of the recycling to hastily tie things up in them. In the end, the package doesn’t do justice to what I’m gifting (just take a look at these sew in labels that I think pretty much sum up the sentiment that goes along with hand knit presents). So, this year I’m doing something simple but handmade to wrap those little gems.

Bows! It’s getting cold and I’m wearing more sweaters and heavy jackets. I have a brown wool jacket that I think is lovely, but it covers up anything I’m wearing under it. So, stick a little knit bow to me and I’m a happy camper! Plus it’s knit in a deep purple which makes it look ten times fancier than a fabric bow.

Toasty toasty hat! This one has a folded brim to make the hat fit snugly but not too tightly and gives your ears some extra warmth.

The deer hat! I haven’t blocked it yet, I was just too excited to wait for that extra step. I bought the pattern from Little Owl Knits on etsy and have been waiting until I had enough brown yarn to finish the ears. Gah! It’s too cute.

Some fingerless mittens with a little extra flair.

I knit the Calais Shawl over Thanksgiving and I like the color, but I think I’ll try to nudge it a little closer to blue/grey than green/grey with some kool aid dying this weekend.

I’ve even gotten around to spinning up my stash of Linus wool from his shearing after we move a few months ago! The skein turned out really, really well and it’s all ready to go to it’s new home!

Socks! For myself this time. I’ve had them finished for months now, but I haven’t gotten the chance to wear them yet so they still look perfect. 

Knit sushi! I knit the shrimp and California roll, I think I’ll finish the blob of wasabi and roe roll this weekend and call it good. The shrimp roll looks great and was fun to knit, the California roll… not so much.


And the crown jewel! The Dala Selbu Hybrid mittens. I had to redo a few parts more than a few times but that was just because I insisted on trying to knit these late at night and in the dark. Silly me. But now they’re done and look pretty great!

So that was a smish smash of things in my done-zo basket. I have a few more things on the needles and a handful left to start and then I’m all done with some time to spare.


Oh SNAP! I’ve done it again… Monty has a new soon-to-be best friend, Linus. Yes, I got a new bunny. I got Linus (FOR FREE!) from a lady over in Morrisville who bred her angora rabbit and then got overwhelmed with the amount of work it took to adequately groom six angora rabbits every day. She tried to sell them but no one seemed interested so she decided to just give them away. I got Linus and three other girls at Sterling picked up three of the others. Now there are four angora rabbits hanging out in Merlin… but I think Linus is the sweetest. He’s an albino, 9 month old angora rabbit with a really sweet (but pretty shy) disposition. I think he and Monty will get along famously. I decided to shave his fur off when I got him because he has an old bunny bite on his leg that’s almost healed and I wanted to make sure that was all the troubles he had hiding under the massive amount of fur he had going on. I left his face all fuzz-tastic though. As it grows out I’ll start to groom the loose fur out and spin that as it comes off. Oh I’m so excited! Right now Linus is living in a pretty sweet setup under the kitchen island where the stools used to go in a cage I got from Bonnieview. All I had to do was buy about $7 worth of food and $4 of bedding and he’s all comfy and cozy. Anywho, that’s my big news, when do you want to meet him!?