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Etsy of the Week -LauraGeorge-

I stumbled on these unbelievably sweet prints on etsy today and decided to share them. The shop is called laurageorge and I’m firmly convinced that any wall would be the coolest wall ever if it were covered with her prints.


This is by far my FAVORITE print out of the whole lot… even on the whole of etsy at the moment. I want it so badly that I can almost feel it in my bones!

Hungry Hairbeast Friends

Deep In It

home Mustache Friend with Bird

Bovey Lee is AMAZING!

I can’t believe my EYES! Have you ever seen something that makes your bones hurt, it’s so good? Bovey Lee‘s work makes my muscles ache because it is so incredibly beautiful.hanging-layerslee_bovey_3tsunami-2-detail1

These are hand cut from rice paper… by hand. This is only a small sample of her artwork… there’s so many more, different pieces on her site.

GigPosters – A –

If you haven’t heard of gigposters.com already, you’re about to. They have a huge collection of band posters (you know, those things you see plastering street lights and buildings) organized by band and artist. I’ve been browsing through all the posters for years now and I’ve decided to go through alphabetically by artist and pick out my favorite groups/artists. Then I’m going to post one example poster from said artist here with a link to that artist’s page. Anyway, this is going to be a weekly occurance. Check out the wonderful letter “B” next week.


Aesthetic Apparatus


Jorge Alderete


Jessalyn Aaland


Christopher Ashley


Arrache- Toi Un Oeil


Andrio Abero