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A Good Day

I found an old ball of bulky yarn that I’d spun months ago when I got my first batch of wool from Bonnieview. I decided to try dying it with a packet each of the blue and purple kool-aid. Turns out that the purple overwhelmed the blue but the end result is a fairly nice light purple yarn with flecks of cyan here and there. I like it much better than the crazy “Caution Orange” I made a last week, to say the least.

I knit another pair of baby shoes using the Babystovler pattern from Handmade by Calista. The process of working my way through the leftover bits of yarn and through the yarn I don’t like is fairly addicting and baby things are small enough that I can bust through a walnut-sized ball of yarn and wind up with a pair of useful and sweet little shoes! That is my definition of satisfaction.

Joe and I slopped our way down to the farm to empty our compost bin and we stopped by to see the new piglets! The second pig just had her litter of piggies yesterday, and you can see the other sow in the background with her litter. In amongst the new piggies, there’s a wee black one with white socks on his feet. They are so tiny and wriggly that it was hard to get a good picture. The sow never pulled her head out of the hay burrow she had made, but her grunting got louder when she heard us come in. Oh mama-piggy, your babies are so tiny and sweet! Still, I know what they’ll look like in a couple of months: big piggies.

Aviator Baby

On April 1st, I’m taking over for a woman in the Admission’s office when she goes on maternity leave and today I went to her baby shower in the library. It was fun, there was cake and someone actually wound up buying her one of my wooliemans that I have in Stardust bookstore down the street! (I’ll give you a hint… it’s the minty green one) It was a treat to see her pull it out of the bag and have that instant of “Wait a minute… that looks familiar… OH!” I whipped up a baby hat one night using the Aviatrix Hat pattern I found over on ravelry. I had a blast knitting it, and for all of you knitters who read this I would definitely recommend it. It’s made using short rows which is essentially how you knit the rounded heel of a sock. Very cool and very fast!

This is the hat I knit using a good portion of my left-over bits of yarn from other projects. I love when I can dip into that stash and get rid of some of those teeny tiny balls. And here are two lovely photos from Rogue Sheep on ravelry/flickr. I wish I had a baby I could plunk the hat on and confirm how cute I think it’ll be, but for now I’ll have to be content with Rogue Sheep’s sweet little pictures of her finished version!