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Well, this is a combination of today and yesterday. Today I baked some bread, did some papier mache and doodled about a little bit. Yesterday I made a craft organizer, a pot holder, and a dish towel. Domestic, eh? I got the idea for an organizer an all those other fabric bits from a book Ashley gave me called Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.

New bread and a new pot holder. The bread is from my absolute favorite bread recipe from Bread & Honey.

Go ahead, ask me what Linus does all day.

And here’s that sweet organizer I was talking about earlier. And here’s the craft space over all. Ta dah!


Mummy and Dad got me Baking Illustrated for Christmas this year. So far I made the granola, and the spiced biscotti recipes but Joe has been going butter/baking crazy. He’s made the yellow cake (aka cupcakes) and by far the BEST chocolate chip cookies I have ever EVER tasted. I can’t stress this enough. If you can get your hands on a Baking Illustrated cookbook or the Cook’s Illustrated website subscription MAKE THESE COOKIES. As fast as you can!


The magical Strizzle paid me a visit. It’s like a visit from the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny or Santa, but better. We baked, got Chinese food, went to Goodwill and then gave Monty another bath (he was easily as pleased this time as he was the first time). It was a good 24 hours.