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The Future

There are a few things I’ve always known I’ve wanted to have in my life: a small homestead with some chickens, goats, a rabbit or two, some lavender and sunflowers in the yard and a bread oven, oh and some fruit trees clustered together somewhere. Those are some pretty far-off goals, someday I’ll be able to pick and can my own apples but not next year, or the year after that. Bees are another story. I want to have a couple hives of bees for several reasons:IMG_0616

1. They’re great for the plants around us

2. The make honey to eat and beeswax to smell and turn into candles

3. They’re low maintenance

4. They are utterly satisfying

So, when I saw this Beekeeper’s Gift Guide over at Make, I felt a little giddy. Everything on that list is gorgeously built, easily maintainable and meant to last a long, long while. One of these days…